Client Success Stories

At Breakthrough, our clients' success is intimately entwined with our own

Every boundary we push, solution we develop, and milestone achieved is done for the sake of creating better operational experiences and strategic vision for our clients. Check out their success below and learn how we have worked together to create a competitive advantage in their supply chains.

Client Testimonials

It is easy to quantify money saved or freight movements influenced, but to understand how we transform a shipper's experience it's best heard from the source. Hear how a Breakthrough relationship elevated the strategies of some of our valued clients.


Discover how Joe Rippey, director of transportation at Save A Lot, partnered with Breakthrough to optimize their transportation network and achieve significant cost savings through Fuel Recovery.


Discover how Orgain partnered with Breakthrough to optimize their fuel management process and reduce costs, without sacrificing efficiency.


Lineage Logistics deployed Network Intelligence after the COVID-19 pandemic shook up the transportation sector. The program allows them to maintain their competitive edge in the market.


With Fuel Recovery, Beam Suntory can understand their fuel spend today and what to expect in the future – up to 24 months with Breakthrough’s forecast. This impressive level of precision and accuracy has allowed them to consecutively operate within budget.

Freight Case Studies

Creating strategies that drive continuous improvement is imperative to achieving success in shippers' complex freight networks. Read how some of our freight management clients elevated their networks, in both big ways and small.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Read how end-to-end support from Breakthrough led to a more effective and efficient bid event as well as post-RFP event monitoring to flag any deviations from the plan. One deviation saved the organization over $172,000.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Read how Network Intelligence optimized over 5,500 loads and reduced the lane count by over 130 lanes. The return on investment from this analysis was $4.1 million dollars in efficiency and cost savings.

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Breakthrough’s Network Intelligence service recently recognized three lanes tendered to intermodal carriers in their RFP were instead being moved via truckload. The service offered the supplier data-informed evidence to communicate and renegotiate with the primary intermodal carrier on the contract terms.

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A global manufacturer and marketer of cleaning and disinfecting products partners with Breakthrough, who realized over $7 million in savings opportunities in less than one year through Network Intelligence.

Fuel Management Case Studies

To manage any volatile cost, shippers need to fully understand and measure how those cost components will affect their strategy. See how our clients use the transparency created by Breakthrough Fuel Recovery to drive out costs and identify opportunities in their transportation networks.

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Read how Breakthrough consolidated fourteen unique data sources into a single, market-based fuel management program. The transportation fuel management solution resulted in significant cost savings.


Shearer’s Foods adopted a strategy to cut transportation costs and position the organization to make ongoing efficiency improvements to its supply chain.


Over the last decade, Whirlpool Corporation has traveled billions of miles while managing fuel with Breakthrough's Fuel Recovery program. In the process, they have reducing their cost, consumption, and emissions along the way—and the results speak for themselves.

Breakthrough Shipper Case Study.png

Read how one specialty retailer successfully launched Fuel Recovery as a cost savings initiative in 2015, decreased linehaul rates in the process, and continues to save millions in overpayment for fuel reimbursements year over year.