About Us

Breakthrough provides innovative transportation technology and market insights to the world’s most reputable household brands. Since 2004, we have boldly challenged the legacy practices adhered to by the $700 billion transportation industry. Using our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we deliver sustainable fuel and freight solutions that reduce cost, create fair partnerships, and decarbonize transportation networks.

About us

Why Breakthrough

A partnership with Breakthrough provides you insight into one of the cleanest and most robust transportation datasets. Across our shipper relationships, Breakthrough annually supports and processes more than:

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23+ million shipments

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$28 billion in transportation spend

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12+ billion
commercial miles

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1.5+ billion gallons of diesel fuel

Awards and Recognition


Most Innovative Companies in Logistics

Fast Company, 2021

Food Logistics

Top Software and Technology Providers

Food Logistics, 2020


Supplier Innovation Award

Sonoco, 2019


Transportation Innovation Award

Shaw Floors, 2019


Innovation Partner of the Year

Michaels, 2016


10 Years of Innovation and Excellence in Fuel Management

Georgia Pacific & KBX Logistics, 2016


Top Food Chain Technology

Food Chain Digest, 2022


Specialty Service Provider of the Year

Whirpool, 2011


Transportation Partnership



Specialty Service Provider of the Year

Johnson & Johnson, 2017


Special Recognition of the Year

Andersen Corporation, 2010, 2021

Procter & Gamble

External Business Partner Excellence

Procter & Gamble, 2010-2014


Supplier of the Year Award

Nestlé North America, 2016

Unilever Partner to Win

Partner to Win North America

Unilever, 2013, 2015

Breakthrough Timeline


Breakthrough launches CleanMile, the first end-to-end transportation emissions management solution that enables shippers to track, plan and execute emissions reduction initiatives.


Breakthrough launches Capac-ID, a linehaul rate benchmarking and carrier identification module available in FELIX.


Breakthrough launches FELIX, a strategic transportation platform for shippers that uses an unbiased industry view and pure dataset to design and maintain better contract freight partnerships.


U.S. Venture moves to full ownership of Breakthrough after being a long-time investor since 2006.


Breakthrough acquires a supply chain consulting group and launches Breakthrough Network Intelligence, a service that brings a new level of transparency to shippers’ freight movements to create effective transportation networks.


Breakthrough launches Transformational Fuel (T-Fuel), a solution for shippers to manage transportation energy price risk.


Breakthrough launches Marine Fuel Recovery, providing shippers an accurate mechanism to calculate ocean freight fuel costs and a transparent picture of the consumption and emissions associated with ocean movements.


Breakthrough expands the Fuel Recovery solution globally, calculating fuel costs for shippers in more than 30 countries.


Breakthrough adds natural gas energy management capability to the Fuel Recovery solution, enabling shippers to accurately calculate natural gas fuel costs associated with moving freight.


Breakthrough teams up with Andersen Corporation and US Gain to unveil the first collaborative effort to operationalize a functional natural gas strategy that includes an industry-leading shipper, energy, and transportation provider in North America.


Breakthrough introduces temperature-controlled freight as an additional product offering to their flagship Fuel Recovery program. The new process identifies the unique costs associated with refrigerated fuel separate from generalized transportation diesel fuel.


Breakthrough adds Intermodal Fuel Recovery, a first-in-the-industry capability to understand fuel consumption and fuel costs on railroad movements


Breakthrough designs a Natural Gas (NG) Program that identifies and advises on custom network opportunities to use NG as a diesel alternative.


Breakthrough launches the Mercury Group, a collaborative working group focused on creating competitive advantage through innovation and best practices in transportation and fuel management.


Breakthrough develops a carbon emissions capability, helping clients understand the emissions associated with moving their goods to market.


Breakthrough extends its cross-border capabilities by expanding Fuel Recovery to include Canadian freight movements.


Breakthrough develops a Fuel Rate Lookup Technology, to give access to fuel rates on demand.


Breakthrough launches Fuel Recovery, replacing traditional fuel surcharge programs based on the DOE Index with a market-based method for shippers to actively manage fuel.


Breakthrough is founded.

Core Principles

Three core principles guide the development of all Breakthrough products
 and services.

Number 01

Achieve transparency

When shippers arm themselves with clean and accurate data, they achieve transparency that enables fact-based dialogue with their strategic partners.

Number 02

Remove distortion

Clean and accurate data associated with real freight movements eliminates distortion in the way shippers manage fuel and freight.

Number 03

Establish fairness

Partnerships founded on fairness create confident and collaborative relationships between shippers and carriers.

Part of something bigger

Breakthrough is a wholly-owned business unit of U.S. Venture, Inc. For over 70 years, U.S. Venture has been recognized as an innovative leader in the distribution of petroleum and renewable energy products, lubricants, tires, and parts. U.S. Venture delivers unconventional, creative solutions that give our customers a competitive edge, and enable us to support the communities in which we live, work, and play. U.S. Venture and it's business divisions seek new ways to drive business success while being steadfast in our commitment to making the world a better place.