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Transportation Technology & Mobile Fuel Management Services

Our clients don't rely on the general DOE Index to tell them how fuel costs will impact their budgets. Instead, Breakthrough®Fuel clients manage their fuel costs daily with our patented technology and fuel recovery services, saving more than $375 million over the Index system. It's a supply chain advantage and it's available to you right now.


Be a Shipping

Save your company millions in fuel costs and become a supply chain legend. It's up to you. The decision to implement fuel management services begins at any level of an organization. We work with young Supply Chain gurus to veteran VPs of Logistics and beyond. Contact us to show you an opportunity assessment. Then, decide where you want to take it.

Let’s show instead of tell.

Here are the details on Breakthrough®Fuel programs and services.

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Fuel Management Services

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The Savings Are Real

The best gallon of fuel is the one you don’t have to purchase. Witness the value of accurate, transparent information to save fuel costs in your supply chain.

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Supply Chain Superheroes

Breakthrough®Fuel Clients

  • Ace Hardware
  • Andersen Windows
  • Georgia-Pacific
  • John Deere
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Polaris
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Rockline Industries
  • SCA
  • Shopko
  • Unilever
  • Whirlpool

Skeptic“Sorry, but it sounds too good to be true”

We hear that all time, but it is possible for shippers to reduce their transportation fuel spend. You don't have to stick with the DOE index or a 30-year-old fuel surcharge system. We manage your fuel costs in real-time and help you recover millions over the current system. Fuel recovery is real. Sure, there's a ton of complexity to managing it, but that's exactly why we exist. It's our full-time job to handle the complexity and find ways to innovate and reduce your costs. Eliminate the complexity of fuel management to Breakthrough®Fuel and start to reap the benefits.

Skeptic“I like it when things are predictable”

Transportation fuel costs can be a multimillion-dollar expense—one that you have very little control over, year to year. That's a risky position for your supply chain. Breakthrough®Fuel helps create stability and find savings in your fuel costs. Fuel recovery beats the fuel surcharge system every time. That's what happens when you're in control. And right now, a ton of smart supply chain professionals are doing just that—saving millions and relying on us to help.

Skeptic“I don’t have time to be a fuel expert”

Did you know that fuel used for transportation is often the only commodity purchased at full retail price? And oftentimes fuel surcharge systems can leave you paying higher-than-retail prices. That's just unacceptable. That's why you hire Breakthrough®Fuel. We are the experts in your corner. We stay on top of fuel prices by the second, save you millions per year, and use our proprietary technology and innovative programs to make you feel more and more confident in your supply chain—You become a supply chain super hero.

Skeptic“Are my carriers alright with this?”

Breakthrough®Fuel works with you to develop a fuel solution that fits your supply chain. We also on-board and educate your carriers (most of whom already work with us) and provide insights into your company's fuel use. We identify savings opportunities and work to implement solutions that tie fuel reimbursement to your supply chain's actual activity. We're with you every step of the way. From margin stability practices and reimbursement programs, we provide real-time solutions that reduce risk, create fair pass-through for your carriers, and save you money.


How To Get Started

In today’s challenging business climate market leaders recognize that fuel represents a significant and growing cost of moving products to market. There is a way to manage this expense:

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    take charge of your fuel costs.
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  • 03 Start

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Breakthrough®Fuel Advantage Example #1

53' Dry Van Truckload
Origin La Salle, IL
Destination Saratoga Springs, NY
Total Miles 900
Gallons Consumed 145.16
Cost before Breakthrough®Fuel $389.03
Breakthrough®Fuel Cost $365.52
Fuel Savings $23.52

Breakthrough®Fuel Advantage Example #2

40' Dry Intermodal
Origin Cambridge, MD
Destination Stockton, CA
Total Miles 2,382
Gallons Consumed 202
Cost before Breakthrough®Fuel $1,273.46
Breakthrough®Fuel Cost $454.74
Fuel Savings $818.72

Breakthrough®Fuel Advantage Example #3

40' Dry Intermodal
Origin Andover, MA
Destination Iowa City, IA
Total Miles 1,171
Gallons Consumed 62.52
Cost before Breakthrough®Fuel $488.57
Breakthrough®Fuel Cost Not working with Breakthrough®Fuel
Fuel Savings $0

Sustainability and Alternative Fuel Sourcing

We begin most alternative fuel sourcing and sustainability projects with a detailed emission analysis to determine a baseline picture of your supply chain emissions. We've been leading projects in collaboration with clients to convert diesel-fueled supply chains into a multi-and alternatively-fueled supply chains to reduce fuel costs and emissions. Most recently, we have worked with clients to implement natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel. We can even provide 2013 diesel fuel vs. 2013 CNG pricing — if that's your thing.

Advisor Services

The energy marketplace is changing in front of our eyes. We are your trusted advisor, and offer benchmarking services, freight opportunity analysis and detailed fuel analysis to determine how your company's energy costs are impacting your bottom line. The cornerstone of our advisory services is our Breakthrough Advisor document. This is a monthly document that contains information about the energy markets and the impact they are having on the transportation industry.

Risk Management

With the implementation of our flagship service, fuel recovery, we can work with you to develop a hedging strategy for transportation fuels consumed in your supply chain. Things happen. We help you plan for and mitigate emergencies by developing contingency fuel sourcing strategies throughout high-risk disaster areas in the United States. What works for one supply chain won't necessarily work for another. We get that. It's why we customize all planning and sourcing strategies, so you are only getting the services that are most useful to you.

Business Intelligence Technology

We work to combine the detailed, data-driven approach of energy management to entire logistics teams with the Breakthrough Intelligence tool. This intelligence tool has been developed and released across a number of Breakthrough®Fuel's Fortune 500 clients to help manage important day-to-day logistics information.

Fuel Recovery

We have the patented technology, the know-how and the heart to help shippers reimburse for fuel costs based on market prices. This means the expenses you incur moving goods to market are right in line with the expenses your carriers incur when purchasing fuel at the pump.

Benefits of Fuel Recovery:

  • Up-to-date, daily market prices for every North American lane in your supply chain
  • Aligned to your freight movements
  • Full energy lane detail available — cost, consumption and emissions

Where Fuel Recovery Works:

  • Truckload, Rail, Intermodal (Rail/TL), Temperature Control (refirigerated trailers) and Natural Gas transportation modes