Transformational Fuel

Create transportation budget certainty with T-Fuel®, a tailored fuel risk management solution for shippers. Lock in a fixed price for the fuel consumed while moving your products to market and help reduce the effects of market volatility.

Highly customized risk management solution 

T-Fuel is highly customizable hedging solution that enables shippers to better manage fuel spend on a per network basis. This allows a shipper to hedge their wholesale fuel exposure at a regional level.

Lock in your fuel price 

Lock in wholesale fuel prices for up to 30-months across an entire network, a specific region, or even a particular lane 

Hedge diesel spend by region

Increase the effectiveness of your fuel hedge by aligning your hedge with your network's consumption

Hedge any quantity 

When paired with Fuel Recovery, T-Fuel helps a shipper establish budget certainty, improve cost management, and help stabilize profit margins

T-Fuel works in tandem with Fuel Recovery 

T-Fuel allows you to maintain the integrity of your carrier relationships by continuing to reimburse the carrier using Breakthrough Fuel Recovery’s market-based fuel calculations. 

Experience the power of certainty in an uncertain world

Interested in creating budget certainty and locking in a wholesale price for fuel? Schedule time with our team today to learn how.