Europe Fuel Recovery

Standardize your intra-Europe transport fuel reimbursements with Fuel Recovery, the transportation sector’s only market-based fuel reimbursement solution. This programme creates fair and accurate fuel reimbursements between shippers and transport partners.

Europe Fuel Recovery

Unbundle fuel from transport costs

Europe Fuel Recovery separates fuel from transport charges and accounts for the price, tax, time, equipment type, and fuel efficiency of each transport movement to calculate a fair and accurate fuel reimbursement.

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Separate fuel & transport costs

Reduce fuel costs with clear delineation between line items

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Accurately track & report

Take the first step to decarbonization with visibility to emissions data

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Increase efficiency & reduce costs

A standard fuel program unlocks continuous improvement opportunities

How does Europe Fuel Recovery work?

Reimbursing your transport partners with an all-in rate for transport costs and fuel is a flawed process. Unlock accurate and fair fuel reimbursements across Europe with Fuel Recovery.

The five components of fair fuel reimbursements


Calculate fair and accurate fuel reimbursements for intra-Europe transport costs.



Consider the significant variation in over-the-road fuel taxes by country.



Pay the accurate price from the day of the shipment. 



Recognize varying equipment types significantly influence fuel consumption.


Fuel Efficiency

Account for the weight of the freight, fleet age, and geography.

Fuel efficiency

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Learn how to create a competitive advantage in your transportation network with market-based fuel reimbursements in Europe.

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Start enjoying the benefits of smart fuel management

Interested in learning more about implementing Europe Fuel Recovery in your transportation network? Schedule time with our team to see the impact on your network.