$22 Billion

Freight Spend Visibility


Lineage Logistics approached Breakthrough in February 2022 needing a solution that would provide greater visibility into their transportation network to uncover opportunities, source capacity, and increase compliance rates. By deploying Breakthrough’s Fuel Recovery solution two years prior, they knew the significant value Breakthrough’s services could offer.

Be a Rate Maker, Not a Rate Taker

Lineage Logistics was looking for a relevant and accurate benchmark to determine their linehaul rates. With Network Intelligence, they can compare other shippers’ rates against their own on the same lane. This level of transparency allows them to understand if they are paying above, at, or below market, and have conversations with carriers who are performing above or below expectations. By changing the process, they have been able to make data-informed decisions to reduce costs and establish fair relationships.

The Need for an Agile Strategy in a Volatile Market

At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a tight capacity market was forcing Lineage to increase their RFP frequency to receive the most updated and relevant information. With RFP events being time-consuming and relevant for only a short period, Lineage realized they needed a better solution to receive real-time insights. Jim shared, “[Network Intelligence] gave us visibility to really light up our network and really provide us insights into what is our routing guide compliance. What is our tender compliance?”

Actionable Data Builds Market Resilience

By deploying Network Intelligence, Lineage has been able to build a comprehensive transportation network dataset to inform its strategy. Their favorite part of the FELIX platform is the visualizations that directly show opportunities for improvement, “This is the first technology I’ve seen that is not only giving me an actionable item in a pretty graph. It’s pointing you to where the problems are at and helping you drive solutions into networks,” shared Jim. These visualizations are adapting to real-time market and shipment updates, which brings agility to contract freight procurement and monitoring.

Between their shipments and the rest of the Breakthrough ecosystem, Lineage has visibility to over 22 billion dollars in freight spend, “That’s going to start changing the game for us from a whole supply chain perspective.”