Accurate Forecasting Enables Educated Decision-Making

With Breakthrough, Beam Suntory has greater insights into its transportation network strategy. With access to their data in one platform, they can understand their fuel spend today, and what they can expect in the future – up to 24 months with Breakthrough’s forecast. Beam Suntory has been able to operate within budget because of Breakthrough’s impressive level of precision and accuracy, “The predictability helps us out especially in the market we are in today, whether fuel, capacity, or rates.”

Separating linehaul rates from fuel enables Beam Suntory to negotiate rates based on service and capacity, instead of the company’s personal connection with the carrier. By removing fuel from the contract or spot rate, fuel can be calculated on the time, price, tax, and geography of each individual shipment, eliminating ambiguity in their carrier partnerships.

In each situation, Beam Suntory looks to data to form its strategies to meet the intricacies of the complex supply chain, and Breakthrough serves as its reliable knowledge source.