Getting Down to the Details to Establish Cost Transparency

When considering how to create more transparency around their fuel strategy, Ken Weber, Senior Manager of Dedicated at KBX Logistics recalls, “Fuel is the second-largest cost of transportation. Working with Breakthrough allows us to get down to the details on that.”

Those are the details that helped equip the KBX Logistics team with powerful data to drive numerous other aspects of their strategy. From closer fuel efficiency management to eliminating their base rate KBX Logistics has taken an active approach to managing their fuel strategy to ensure that every strategic decision is made with the right data and information at their fingertips.

A Trusted Partner for Smooth Implementation

The data and information provided in a Fuel Recovery program open the door, but Breakthrough’s unique approach to the implementation and operational support is where their true value lies. Breakthrough stayed with KBX Logistics every step of the way to ensure that carriers were educated and onboarded for seamless integration.

“Going back to rolling the whole truckload strategy out,” Weber said of his implementation experience with Breakthrough, “we rolled out several hundred carriers, and they were able to provide us the data to get down to what the detail was.” Once the program was running smoothly, “the truckload carriers came along with us and it’s been a great relationship” according to Weber.

After implementation, the Breakthrough team remains committed to the unique aspects of KBX Logistics to ensure that we continue to deliver seamless value creation.

“It goes beyond just a business relationship…it’s an easy relationship.”

Value That Endures the Test of Time

Fuel Recovery was a transformative first step for KBX Logistics and has paved the way for ongoing initiatives within Breakthrough’s suite of services for over a decade.

Throughout the duration of the relationship between KBX Logistics and Breakthrough, continuous improvement has been key to maximizing the value of Breakthrough services. KBX Logistics continues to be a leader in transportation and supply chain because of their commitment to elevating the long-term strategy of their organization and their reliance on clean, accurate data to drive change.