Developing Better Budgets with a Full Scope of Market Dynamics

Mondelēz International leverages the full scope of the value Breakthrough offers our clients. They look beyond just the baseline fuel savings generated by Fuel Recovery and encourage all facets of the organization to partner with the Breakthrough team to understand wider market dynamics.

One way they do this is by diving into the proprietary Fuel Market Advisor released exclusively to Breakthrough clients. Orr and his risk management team pay close attention to global events, crude oil price dynamics, and refinery operations, as reported by Breakthrough’s Applied Knowledge team, so that they have a full view of the risk factors influencing their fuel costs. The information is delivered to Mondelēz in monthly reporting, but the team is always just a phone call away.

“The biggest thing that Breakthrough does is bridging the gap between the global markets and our financial picture. Just the fact that they can dive into the numbers and keep us on track with budgets or whatever financials we’re trying to establish.”

With every advancement, Breakthrough evolves to serve their clients in new ways. “Breakthrough has done a really good job of evolving. Every year we see new things that are coming to market,” said Orr. “Not just in fuel or shipping, or transportation, but more broadly across the spectrum.”

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