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Shearer’s Increases in Carrier Compliance with Network Intelligence

Service: Network Intelligence


"We have been able to analyze the data, understand the data, and be able to make smarter decisions for us as an organization as well as for the customers we have"

Brynne Johnson, Director of Logistics and Network Optimization, Shearer's

In a volatile fuel and freight market, Shearer’s was looking for a way to strengthen its transportation network strategy. Like many shippers, before they implemented Breakthrough’s Network Intelligence solution, carrier compliance did not meet expectations, spot bidding was a regular occurrence, and contract rates were unstable. Shearer’s decided it was time to take control of their transportation network challenges.

By deploying Network Intelligence, Breakthrough was able to uncover inefficiencies in Shearer’s transportation network, recommend corrective action, and continually monitor network performance to identify deviations from the plan. Shearer’s can easily view their transportation network data in the FELIX platform.

Data Transparency Empowers Negotiations

Greater visibility into transportation network data has provided Shearer’s the means to take corrective action. Network Intelligence visualizations delivered in weekly meetings with the Breakthrough team have offered factual evidence to support carrier negotiations on service and price. When carriers cannot deliver on expectations, Shearer’s uses Network Intelligence to find alternative best-fit carriers on the lanes they need capacity. Brynne and Tracy have also used Network Intelligence data to organize business reviews with their top carriers to build stronger, more resilient relationships that withstand market disruption.

As a result of Network Intelligence, Shearer’s has:

  • Increased carrier compliance by 10%
  • Decreased spot bidding
  • Maintained contract rates established during the RFP

Inspired Focus on the Future of Transportation

Shearer’s has also found immense value in connecting with other Breakthrough clients at The Mercury Group to learn and strengthen their transportation network strategy. Each year, Breakthrough hosts The Mercury Group for clients to gather and share challenges, opportunities, and best practices. The event offers the opportunity for shippers across industries to innovate new strategies to meet the intricacies of the supply chain and improve the future of the transportation sector.

Uncover your transportation network’s opportunity

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