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How Orgain Saves Money and Increases Efficiency with a Comprehensive Fuel Management Strategy

Service: Fuel Recovery


"Breakthrough has been there to support us with TMS providers, carriers, and anytime we have questions, issues, or concerns. They are there to help."

Marc Dorau, Senior Director of Logistics and Customer Fulfillment, Orgain

Orgain is committed to delivering good, clean shakes, meal replacements, powders, and more. By hand-selecting Organic and high-quality ingredients to maximize nutrition whenever they can, they create more accessible and inclusive products for adults and kids that are Certified Organic, gluten free, non-GMO, and made without soy or artificial ingredients.

This same commitment is deployed by Marc Dorau, senior director of logistics and customer fulfillment at Orgain, to transport products efficiently and effectively. In 2022, the increase in fuel prices caused Dorau to evaluate existing processes. He needed a solution to optimize his fuel management process and reduce costs. Orgain’s COO, a prior Breakthrough client, suggested using Fuel Recovery, the industry-leading transportation fuel reimbursement solution. After seeing the potential in the business case, Dorau partnered with Breakthrough to implement a fair and accurate fuel reimbursement mechanism, leading to reduced costs and increased efficiency.

Positive Integration Process for Carriers

When Dorau contacted Breakthrough to understand its savings potential, he was impressed by the easy and seamless implementation process. Breakthrough worked directly with Orgain’s TMS provider to integrate via API and each carrier was set up on the account. Because many carriers had prior experience with Breakthrough, the integration process was swift and did not receive any pushback. To add to the positive integration experience, Dorau immediately saw positive results.

Fostering a Smooth Transition with TMS Vendor Shift

Shortly after implementing Fuel Recovery, Orgain made a significant shift in their business operations to switch their transportation management system (TMS) vendor. This represented a comprehensive and ambitious project that demanded focus and attention to detail. Yet, amidst this complex transition, the Breakthrough integration was the easiest part Dorau shared, “Breakthrough worked directly with our TMS provider to get integrated. It was very seamless from our perspective.”

Fuel Rate Estimates for RFPs

To move with the dynamic freight market, Orgain conducts RFPs every six months. While a time intensive event, Dorau has been able to streamline the process by having Breakthrough provide estimated fuel rates for each of the shipping lanes to share with carriers. The analysis provides carriers with a clear understanding of their anticipated fuel reimbursement. In return, bids reflect a true understanding of the freight market, leading to more competitive rates. Ultimately, the process led to a significant reduction in fuel spend.

Aligning with Current Fuel Efficiencies

An additional benefit of partnering with Breakthrough was their strong pulse on the fuel efficiencies of trucks by model year and industry. It is undeniable that trucks are becoming increasingly efficient, improving their MPG year after year as fleets continue to modernize and adopt advanced technologies. Recognizing this shift with the guidance of Breakthrough, Dorau took the initiative to align carriers with the current efficiencies. While it seemed like a substantial jump, it was a necessary and logical step that had a profound influence on operations and financial performance.

Relentless Client Focus

In the ever-evolving transportation sector, Dorau has found a constant in their strategy: Breakthrough. Breakthrough has proven themselves to be an exemplary ally in Orgain’s journey, demonstrating relentless commitment to maximizing performance. Dorau knows anytime he, his carriers or TMS vendor have a question or concern, Breakthrough will provide a timely response and comprehensive support, “We’ve gotten really good feedback from our carriers because they’re easy to work with and provide great timely responses... they’ve just really operated in the background but have done a great job supporting us.”

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Dorau and Breakthrough meet monthly to discuss next steps and identify areas of opportunity. This regular interaction fosters a dynamic and evolving relationship, enabling growth, “we’re meeting and talking about next steps and ways to improve the relationship and continue to grow together so they’ve been incredibly supportive.”

Orgain’s Journey Towards Supply Chain Excellence

Orgain’s commitment to making accessible, all-natural products has not only improved the lives of their consumers, but has also carried over into the way they conduct their business. Fuel Recovery enabled Orgain to reduce fuel costs, increase fuel efficiency, and streamline processes. As technology and logistics rapidly change, Orgain is well-positioned to navigate the transformation of transportation with the support of Breakthrough.

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