The Power of Shipper Collaboration | The Mercury Group

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The Mercury Group event rallies the world’s largest brands behind a shared vision: to further advance problem solving and the overall trajectory of the transportation and supply chain industry.

As the complexity of the transportation landscape has grown, so has the impact of this group. For the past ten years Breakthrough and their client partners have listened, learned, and pushed one another to bring new and dynamic solutions to the transportation energy market.  At the inaugural meeting in 2008, nine clients gathered to seek solutions to the most pressing challenges facing shippers at the time. This tight cohort—many of whom still attend this annual event— have set the groundwork for the more than 30 client organizations now in attendance.

Hear our VP of Go-To-Market Breakdown our strategy to facilitate better collaboration at our annual event.

With a focus on collaboration, the Mercury Group is more than just a conference. This event is designed to encourage participants to share new ideas, leverage the lessons and experiences of their industry peers, and uncover new opportunities for innovation. Breakthrough drives this event forward with an array of subject-matter experts, benchmarking from our vast collection of client data, innovative guest speakers, and conversations with our clients on how to harness data when building a transportation strategy. It is immeasurably powerful when innovative leaders with hundreds of years of experience collectively gather to discuss their shared expertise.

This year, attendees will also have the opportunity to join breakout sessions tailored to their particular industry interests. As our ranks continue to grow, providing the opportunity for members of the Mercury Group to engage with each other in meaningful ways over shared interests remains a critical component. Adding these sessions to the event will provide collaborative spaces of different sizes and styles, making the event feel intimate even as we grow in number.

Each client has a diverse transportation network, personal experience, and different approaches to finding solutions to solve industry wide challenges. The Mercury Group allows space for each of those stories to be told and to be learned from. Facilitating dialogue about these strategic choices brings new ideas to the forefront of conversations, forges new relationships, and leaves attendees feeling renewed and energized as they head back to their day-to-day operations.

Mercury Group attendees know that the power of collaboration is reliant on open communication, sharing lessons learned, and alliance in moving towards new transportation energy solutions. This means leveraging insights and conversations among industry peers in a concerted, focused manner— and building relationships and dialogue that persist throughout the year. Relationships are key to this process, and when founded on trust and mutual benefit, will spark new ideas, and new solutions.

While competitive advantage remains core to Breakthrough solutions and the strategic goals of our clients, we see the potential to incite great change when we collaborate. With our ever-growing base of industry-leading clients, robust shipper and carrier datasets, and a team dedicated to advancing the thought-leadership of the industry, we are committed to fostering collaboration for a more effective, innovative, and disruptive future of supply chain management.

If you are a client ready to start collaborating, book your room now. For more information about the Mercury Group event or becoming an industry leader as a breakthrough client, learn more here.

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