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by Jenny Vander Zanden
Jenny Vander Zanden

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Unlocking Compounded Value: Using Transportation Solutions for Fuel and Freight Management

May 28, 2024

Jenny Vander Zanden
by Jenny Vander Zanden


In the transport sector, sustainable fuel and freight strategies are at the heart of the cost-efficiency puzzle. Today’s transportation leaders face the challenge of harmonizing the intricate balance between procurement's cost-cutting goals and the operation's need for quality service. The need goes beyond mere luxury; it's a critical step forward into a future where every load is not only optimized for cost and service but sustainable. Fuel is another piece of the puzzle. Some transportation leaders are leaving money on the table by reimbursing carriers the national average diesel price compared to compensating for fuel consumption based on lane-level fuel prices.

Breakthrough provides a suite of transportation solutions that weaves fuel and freight strategies together to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and decarbonize transportation. This compounded value is unlocked through a combination of unmatched data, technology, and market expertise.

The Importance of Sustainable Fuel and Freight Solutions

Sustainable fuel and freight solutions are becoming increasingly important due to consumer demand and governmental pressure. With the transportation sector contributing to 28% of U.S. CO2E emissions, it has become a crucial opportunity for companies to reduce their carbon footprint. Breakthrough's integrated approach achieves transparency, removes distortion, and establishes fairness for shippers of all sizes and industries. As sustainability grows, transportation leaders need to leverage a data-driven, unbiased approach to seize emerging opportunities and preserve their competitive edge.

Sustainable strategies can also bring cost savings and operational efficiencies. By implementing more fuel-efficient practices, such as using alternative fuels or optimizing routes, transportation leaders can lower their expenses and simultaneously decrease emissions.

Transportation Solutions Start with Fuel Recovery

Fuel Recovery is the linchpin in initiating a holistic approach toward achieving a more sustainable fuel and freight strategy. By understanding lane-level data and the associated  fuel consumption, transportation leaders can view their precise transportation emissions calculations, enhance their freight strategy, and explore continuous improvement opportunities like an MPG fuel efficiency change or a zero-base strategy.

To expand upon Fuel Recovery and create a robust energy risk management strategy, transportation leaders can implement T-Fuel. T-Fuel locks in a fixed wholesale energy price for the energy consumed, allowing shippers to pay a consistent price for each load. Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel work in tandem to maintain strong carrier relationships with market-based fuel reimbursements and mitigate fuel price uncertainty.

Compound Transportation Savings with your RFP

Fuel Recovery and RFP Services present a strategic approach for shippers who seek to unify their fragmented strategies into a comprehensive fuel and freight management plan. By leveraging the meticulously cleaned and organized movement-level dataset from Fuel Recovery, alongside the broader Breakthrough ecosystem of data, transportation leaders can create and implement the best network tailored to their unique needs with a streamlined pre-, during, and post-RFP event strategy.

Post-RFP event, Capac-ID plays a crucial role in monitoring a shipper’s lane-level performance. Through near real-time, transacted rate benchmarking, lane-specific carrier identification, and recommendations that address any issues that arise and identify partners for new volume, transportation leaders can quickly adapt to market disruptions.

Building upon this foundation, Breakthrough also offers dedicated analysis and strategic design support. This helps shippers identify and address the root causes of service challenges and develop a data-driven, market-responsive freight strategy that achieves cost savings, improves service levels, and reduces emissions.

The compounded value of Fuel Recovery, RFP Services, and Capac-ID stands as a testament to the power of integrating fuel and freight strategies. By adopting a centralized approach, transportation leaders can significantly reduce the time spent navigating through multiple platforms and streamline operations while increasing efficiency across their network.

CleanMile: Beyond the Bottom Line

Just as developing effective fuel and freight strategies is crucial for the success of any transportation network plan, focusing on sustainability is essential for ensuring its long-term success. The transportation sector faces increasing pressures to cut costs and consumption, reduce empty mileage, and simultaneously boost efficiency and supply chain optimization. Leveraging the clean dataset from Fuel Recovery, CleanMile tackles these challenges head-on, providing transportation leaders with a precise emissions baseline and a comprehensive roadmap to reduce carbon emissions and improve sustainability across their transportation network.

The Compounded Value of Breakthrough's Transportation Solutions

The true value of Breakthrough’s suite of transportation solutions unfolds in their interconnectivity. Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel set the stage for the optimization of fuel costs, which RFP Services then magnified into broader strategic network enhancements. Capac-ID extends the value realized through the RFP with an ongoing, consistent approach to network management through linehaul rate benchmarking, compliance management, and carrier search capabilities. Breakthrough also offers dedicated analysis and strategic design support, enhancing the overall strategy.

CleanMile pulls fuel and freight together by using the clean dataset to find efficiencies within the transportation network. Whether this is using alternative energy on a specific lane or selecting a more fuel-efficient carrier, these insights are invaluable for transportation leaders seeking to achieve sustainability and cost savings simultaneously.

Taking the First Step Toward a Unified, Sustainable Fuel and Freight Management Strategy

In the complex world of transportation, a single misstep can lead to a trail of costs, inefficiencies, and carbon emissions. By leveraging Breakthrough’s suite of transportation solutions, you’re not just investing in tools—you’re creating a comprehensive, interconnected strategy that compounds as you implement each solution.

Unlock the compounded value of a sustainable fuel and freight strategy that is truly future-proof. Start the conversation with Breakthrough today! 

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