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by Nic Kumbalek
Nic Kumbalek

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Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel Fortify Energy Market Risk

April 23, 2024

Nic Kumbalek
by Nic Kumbalek


In the volatile energy market, effectively managing fuel price risks emerges as an ongoing and difficult challenge. Commodity risk managers are tasked with the critical goal of not only recognizing these challenges but also transforming risks into valuable opportunities by leveraging precision and foresight. With Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel, shippers can proactively create a fuel price risk management strategy, allowing them to focus on their core business and maintain strong relationships with carriers, while also reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel work in tandem to develop a fuel management strategy for transportation leaders and commodity risk managers. Instead of relying on an antiquated single national average fuel price calculation, Fuel Recovery introduces a market-based fuel reimbursement calculation that considers the time, tax, price, and geography of the shipment. This innovative approach allows for more accurate and fair fuel reimbursements to carriers. Building upon this, T-Fuel locks in a fixed wholesale fuel price for the fuel consumed while moving your products to market. This proactive strategy allows shippers to pay a static wholesale fuel price for each load on the program.

How Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel Work Together

T-Fuel seamlessly integrates with the Fuel Recovery program. By implementing both solutions, commodity risk managers can hedge up to 85% of a shipper's wholesale fuel expenses, leaving only the tax component unsecured.  

T-Fuel Breakdown.png

T-Fuel: Your Energy Risk Management Solution

By implementing Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel, shippers can mitigate fuel price uncertainty. This robust energy risk management strategy, supported by Breakthrough's relentless client focus and market expertise, enables shippers to operate with confidence.  

Join leading commodity risk managers and transportation leaders who are adopting Fuel Recovery and T-Fuel! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help enhance your energy risk management strategy. 

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