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Transportation Fuel Management

Diesel fuel is a volatile cost and research shows it can comprise up to 30% of a shipper's transportation spend. Take control of this large spend with Breakthrough Fuel Recovery, the transportation industry's only market-based fuel reimbursement solution.

Reduce Costs With Fuel Recovery

Breakthrough Fuel Recovery leverages real-time, lane-level data to calculate exact fuel reimbursements based on the specifics of your individual freight movements for every shipment in your network. The results:

Fair Fuel Reimbursement

Accurate reimbursements between shippers and carriers.

Reduce Costs by 20%

Eliminate inaccurate fuel surcharge programs.

Clear Network Visibility

Establish baseline consumption to inform emissions reductions.

Discover Your Fuel Savings Potential

Traditional fuel reimbursement programs are costing you money — and impede sustainability progress. Enter your network data to calculate Breakthrough’s impact for your organization.


How IFCO Built a Valuable Strategic Relationship with Breakthrough

IFCO began their Fuel Recovery program looking to gain transparency into more accurate fuel costs, but their partnership with Breakthrough created value far beyond simply fuel reimbursements. Hear about IFCO's Breakthrough experience and how they leverage ongoing strategic advisement with Breakthrough.

Four Components of Fair Fuel Reimbursements

Fuel Recovery accounts for the four key components necessary for an accurate fuel reimbursement calculation. These components—unaccounted for in traditional index-based programs like the DOE—are the time, price, tax, and geography associated with your freight movements.



Wholesale diesel prices can fluctuate abruptly. Breakthrough Fuel Recovery clients capture daily fuel price changes, ensuring they always pay the right price from the day of their shipment.



Well-managed carriers procure fuel at wholesale prices, but the DOE provides a retail index for diesel fuel. Fuel Recovery calculates reimbursements according to the price your carriers incur at the pump.



Over-the-road fuel taxes vary dramatically by state and make up a large portion of total diesel costs. Fuel Recovery accounts for taxes by state, the way carriers pay fuel taxes.



Diesel commodity costs vary substantially from one market to the next, creating regional variance. Fuel Recovery accounts for the differences in regional pricing by calculating fuel prices specific to each lane your goods travel on.


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