January Breakthrough Advisor Preview | The Year in Review and The Year Ahead

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In this edition of the Breakthrough Advisor, the Applied Knowledge Team reflects on 2018, providing comprehensive insight into the factors that helped shape the freight and energy market over the past twelve months. The past year proved complex and dynamic – welcomed descriptors of an industry in dire need of justification and clarity.

Additionally, they discuss several other concepts for shippers to consider heading into 2019, with market fundamentals, economic implications, and the overarching risk environment at the core of the discussions within this month’s publication. In total, several variables emerged that reinforced the value of adopting a strategic Breakthrough roadmap that creates a competitive advantage in your transportation supply chain.

2018-2019: Reflection and Prognosis

The Breakthrough Advantage provides clients with a fair and accurate fuel reimbursement mechanism that facilitates transparency into one of the largest components of transportation spend. Fuel price forecasts that reflect price drivers collectively – a tremendous asset in terms of financial planning – remain one of the most influential and insightful elements of the Breakthrough client experience. To emulate the importance of a market-based fuel reimbursement strategy, and to quantify the accuracy behind the data, the Applied Knowledge team has assessed how well their 2018 predictions compared to what actually occurred in the diesel market, while refreshing their forecasts based on the most pressing current and forthcoming price drivers on the horizon. The Applied Knowledge team also introduced freight market commentary in 2018, establishing a more holistic perspective on the transportation industry.

Additionally, the Applied Knowledge team takes a deep-dive into region-specific energy market developments in the US, Canada, and Mexico as we transition into 2019. From an energy perspective, hidden price influencers in the upstream, midstream, and downstream stages of the crude oil and refined product supply chain – historically invisible to non-Breakthrough shippers – maintain rank as key areas of research for the Applied Knowledge team when assessing potential drivers of price volatility. To name a few, oil production dynamics, refinery performance, global economic indicators, and geopolitical risk are just a handful of the factors frequently addressed by the Applied Knowledge team when providing supportive evidence for price movements. Similar discussions are had in the January edition of the Breakthrough Advisor and help paint the picture for the year ahead.

Gain a glimpse into freight and energy market developments, find out how accurate our 2018 price forecast was, and prepare for an everchanging transportation landscape in 2019 by uncovering the rationale behind the fluctuating costs of moving goods to market in this month’s Advisor publication.

The Applied Knowledge Team will be providing powerful insight into the stories and data setting the stage for the 2019 freight and energy markets, while reflecting on 2018’s complexity. If interested, you can gain further insight into fuel and freight market dynamics and trending topics by signing up for the Breakthrough Advisor Brief or contacting the Applied Knowledge team directly. Check out our Solutions page to find out more about how Breakthrough brings accuracy and transparency to the transportation industry as a whole.

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