Case Study | General Cable Fuel Recovery Implementation

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Adopting new strategies, connecting technology, and applying best practices can be a big undertaking, disrupting daily activities and data flow. It can be a headache for IT teams to sync new systems. Adapting to an entirely new way of doing business seems like it would hamper productivity and cost a fortune in training and infrastructure.

With Breakthrough®Fuel, major changes are made simple

General Cable revolutionized the way they price fuel reimbursements faster than anyone in the industry with Fuel Recovery – and this technology is available to shippers everywhere.

Five Weeks. That’s how long it took General Cable to implement their Fuel Recovery program. In just five weeks they set themselves up to save an average of $32 per shipment – that’s nearly $1.5 million saved in fuel expenses in the first year of the program alone.

How It All Began

After agreeing with the principles of eliminating distortion, establishing transparency, and creating fairness in carrier relationships, General Cable knew that they needed to integrate Breakthrough®Fuel into their fuel reimbursement process and they wanted to do it fast. Equitable fuel reimbursements shouldn’t wait until the next RFP process. It’s not only industry best practice, but it’s the ethical way to manage fuel. Understanding this, General Cable took immediate action.

Instead of waiting for their bid cycle, they implemented via conversion, starting savings immediately.

Increasing Speed to Value

Choosing to be proactive proved beneficial – a mere 5 weeks after the decision to move forward with their Fuel Recovery program General Cable was actively processing accurate fuel costs based on the individual journey of each load hauled.

Now pricing thousands of over-the-road, flatbed, and intermodal shipments in real-time at the lane level, General Cable’s transportation team has the confidence that they are reimbursing the true cost of the fuel they consume moving goods to market.

Breakthrough®Fuel provides a suite of cutting-edge transportation energy management services, but it takes industry-leading partners like General Cable to make it a reality. One strategic decision to actively manage fuel resulted in not only over a million dollars in savings, but a partnership that keeps General Cable and other Breakthrough®Fuel clients at the forefront of the industry.

General Cable didn’t hesitate to make change real, and will adopt continuous improvement to their fuel management strategy moving forward.

Read about more of our industry-leading clients on our Client Success Page. For more information about how you can be an industry-leading supply chain by managing fuel, contact us.

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