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Technology is fundamentally shaping the world we live in. With every new advancement we are approaching problems differently, thinking in new ways, and creating a new status quo. “It really is a reflection of the new marketplace that we live in. It is a reflection of the convergence of digital technology and logistics firms, and it’s a recognition of the disruption that is taking place caused by the digital economy and the opportunity that’s created for innovation,” says Craig Dickman, chairman and CEO of Breakthrough®Fuel.

For transportation and related industry professionals, their careers have endured linear changes. New things crop up from year to year that we adopt, adapt with, and then continue with little disruption to the way we do business.

Technology is Reshaping That Curve

“The world is at this point of significant change right now, preparing for exponential technological growth,” says Dickman.

We are living in a time where what was once linear change has shifted into an era of exponential change. Every new technology – blockchain, autonomous vehicles, electric cars and trucks, increased fuel efficiency technology, and more – brings with it a wave of impending changes to be ready for, and excited about.

Look to the future of that exponential curve, and we see that in no time at all the difference between linear adopters and the exponential curve’s new normal becomes vast.

“That gap starts to be really extensive between what’s happening in the world of technology and what’s happening with organizations and people,” says Dickman.

With this evolving climate of innovation and change, it is important to focus on aligning with the technological curve and its trajectory to maintain a competitive advantage.

Where is innovation born?

While innovation can come from anywhere, startups are where many innovative ideas begin – and logistics has become a hotbed of new disruptive technologies. What was once thought of as an innovation-resistant industry has become a favorite investment opportunity. In the industry today, four main areas have emerged as the next frontier of transportation innovation: autonomous and commercial vehicles, alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles, the digital freight marketplace, and data connectivity and freight visibility.

In these areas it is paramount to stay informed, be on the cutting edge of innovation, and to tune into the marketplace monitoring how it responds so that your individual company’s strategy moving forward is not only meeting the demands of today, but is preparing for new frontiers tomorrow.

How to navigate when technology is in the driver’s seat was the theme of the 2017 Mercury Group because we feel it is particularly relevant to our clients and the industry as we move into the strategy planning for the coming years. The Mercury Group is an annual event Breakthrough®Fuel hosts, exclusively for our clients. This event beings our clients together to advance the practice of transportation energy management. We pride ourselves on creating a collaborative environment, providing opportunities to advance thought leadership, and determining the best ways to meet the challenges of a dynamic business environment.

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