Global Fuel Management

We unbundle fuel costs from freight costs to enable our clients to accurately reimburse fuel based on date, geography, and regulatory environment so shippers have visibility into real fuel price behavior on each freight movement. Fuel-related risk premiums are removed from freight rates to ensure fuel reimbursement is fair and equitable for both the shipper and carrier. Global Fuel Management delivers:

Reduction in transportation fuel costs of approximately 30% for clients in the United States and overall transportation fee reduction of 5-10% for clients in geographies outside of the US.

Visibility into shipment-level detail including fuel costs, consumption, and emissions determined by movement-specific components: price, regulatory environment, efficiency, freight profile, distance, and time.

Confidence that you are procuring fuel at the lowest market price and that fuel costs can be managed separately from linehaul rates.

Benchmarks and industry best practices to establish performance targets to support transportation energy strategies.

Custom transportation energy management strategies and continuous improvement initiatives to fuel you forward, year after year.

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