You Can Think Bigger About Your Transportation Sustainability Impact

With Breakthrough’s emission management solution, CleanMile, transportation sustainability goals that were once out of reach are in your hands. Now, you can understand your transportation network’s carbon footprint and reduce it — even for scope 3 emissions.

Out-of-reach Emissions Under Your Control

Scope 3 emissions and rising CO2 levels have seemed beyond shippers’ influence. Without oversight of vendors’ emissions or access to sustainability best practices, transportation sustainability leaders have struggled to reduce lifecycle emissions.

CleanMile is our end-to-end, data-driven solution for sustainability goals that once seemed impossible. We bring together transportation energy management and network strategy, so you can bring about impactful change for the planet without sacrificing efficiency.

Understand your baseline and track your transportation network’s carbon footprint over time.

Reduce the scope 3 emissions that make up around 90% of companies’ total carbon output.

Access industry expertise to help you execute your corporate sustainability initiatives.

Three Steps to Create a Domino Effect

Powered by Breakthrough’s unparalleled processes and dataset, CleanMile provides actionable steps toward your transportation network’s sustainable future. We deliver CleanMile through our industry-leading transportation intelligence platform, FELIX, enabling you to turn comprehensive transportation data into scope 3 emissions reduction.

We combine a robust dataset of more than 23 million annual shipments with smart technology to monitor your inbound and outbound transportation network. As a result, we can provide a detailed understanding of your transportation network lifecycle emissions and lay the foundation for custom emission reduction suggestions.

The Pressure Is on for Transportation Sustainability

Transportation is the highest emitting sector of CO2 in the U.S. With such a significant impact comes the opportunity to create real change for the planet. Learn more about how shippers contribute to greenhouse gas emissions — and how CleanMile makes it easier for your business to take steps toward a sustainable future.

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With CleanMile, You Can.

Anyone can reduce their carbon footprint — but you’re in the position to make an even bigger impact on your corporate emissions. Build a more sustainable transportation network with CleanMile.