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by Heather Mueller
Heather Mueller

4 min read

You Can: Announcing New Possibilities With CleanMile

April 22, 2022

Heather Mueller
by Heather Mueller


Sustainability isn’t always top of mind for transportation management professionals focused on getting goods from point A to point B. As supply chain conditions evolve, it can feel like your organization’s carbon footprint is beyond your control or that your sustainability initiatives are too small to make a difference. But as sustainability becomes increasingly important and stringent government regulations pressure companies to prioritize sustainability, it’s time to tackle the problem head on.

Sustainability is daunting. Scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions make up the vast majority of shippers’ emissions — about 10% of which come from transportation. These emissions are also the most difficult to quantify and reduce because they fall outside the reporting organization’s direct control.

Today, that changes. We’re clearing up the misconception that sustainability equals complexity with the launch of CleanMile — an end-to-end transportation emissions management solution. For any transportation professional who has wondered if they can make transportation fuel management, network strategy, or execution more sustainable, CleanMile is here to make sure they will.

This Earth Day, we are excited to showcase how CleanMile enables organizations to weave sustainable practices into transportation operations to effectively reduce lifecycle emissions.

The Pressure is on for More Sustainable Practices

Transportation — including trucking, rail, and other modes — is both the highest emitting sector of CO2 in the U.S. and a significant contributor to atmospheric pollution. Rising atmospheric CO2 levels are responsible for nearly two-thirds of the energy polarity causing the Earth’s temperature to increase. The rise in carbon dioxide has myriad, far-reaching consequences for the global environment, from ocean acidification to changes in the availability of natural resources.

But scope 3 emissions continue to be the most difficult for companies to manage. Your organization is responsible for reporting greenhouse gas output from sources that aren’t directly under your control. How do you quantify how much CO2 a particular vendor is producing, let alone reduce it?

The issue is a double-edged sword: We need transportation to distribute goods across the globe, yet emissions stemming from transportation are harming the environment at a rapid pace. But this paradox presents an opportunity. Organizations seeking opportunities to harness their data can use CleanMile to work toward scope 3 emissions reduction and make progress toward corporate sustainability goals. If you’ve ever wanted to make better business decisions for the planet, now you can.

We Make Real Progress

At Breakthrough, we work alongside our clients to create a competitive advantage in their supply chains. In 2021 alone, new Breakthrough clients on the Fuel Recovery program reduced intermodal fuel spend by 58% and truckload fuel spend by 20%.

Now, we are going the extra mile by enabling your business to make real progress toward transportation emissions reduction. With three phases of engagement, CleanMile helps your business:

  1. Track. By combining data and smart technology, CleanMile can monitor the energy consumption and lifecycle emissions associated with your entire inbound and outbound transportation network. This sets the foundation for custom recommendations for emissions reduction.
  2. Plan. After tracking and analyzing your network’s carbon emissions, we create an emissions reduction roadmap tailored to your sustainability goals. In the planning phase, we provide actionable and data-driven recommendations to help you stay on track with business objectives while reducing emissions.
  3. Execute. What separates us from our competitors? We don’t just suggest a plan and expect you to execute it — we stay by your side until you reach the end of your roadmap to sustainability. Every business is unique, so every business’s plan to achieve sustainability goals will look different. Whether you need to overcome the hurdles of alternative energy use or you’re in search of a more sustainable shipping partner, we’ve got you covered.

With CleanMile, You Can

Tackling sustainability initiatives doesn’t have to be intimidating. This Earth Day, we’re changing the way we view scope 3 emissions reduction — the problem is no longer too large or too complex. You can make meaningful progress toward more sustainable transportation practices and with CleanMile, you will.

Ready to take your first step toward a greener future? Schedule a demo of CleanMile today.

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