Introducing Breakthrough Supply Chain

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Breakthrough®Fuel is excited to announce the launch of its latest service offering, Breakthrough®Supply Chain. This new service will support shippers on the freight side of their transportation spend through a data-based approach to supply chain optimization.

“As a leader in the industry, Breakthrough®Fuel constantly strives to lead the way with new and innovative service offerings to create client value,” says Doug Mueller, CEO and president of Breakthrough®Fuel. “The creation of Breakthrough®Supply Chain supports our dedication to disruption and offers new solutions to current and future clients, helping support their bottom line.”

As we drive change in the industry, Breakthrough®Fuel remains dedicated to three core principles: creating transparency, removing distortion, and establishing fairness. These are the principles our organization was founded on, and they are core to who we are and what we do. That’s why these principles are the foundation on which Breakthrough®Supply Chain was built and will continue to be the driving forces behind all future innovation.

Creating Transparency

In the same way Breakthrough®Fuel creates transparency into shippers’ fuel spend, Breakthrough®Supply Chain provides a transparent, data-driven approach to creating and improving supply chain transportation strategies.

“Transparency fosters and nurtures a relationship based on trust,” explains Mueller. “It is a powerful tool that leads to deeper knowledge and understanding of the industry. When there is clear information and strategy, we can help our clients come to a mutual understanding, achieving and exceeding their goals.”

Breakthrough®Supply Chain brings a new level of transparency to shippers’ freight movements, and, in the process, creates the most effective transportation strategy possible. This allows shippers and carriers alike to make informed decisions based on clear and communicated data.

Removing Distortion

Our data-driven approach takes the questions and uncertainty out of the supply chain. The team members at Breakthrough®Fuel are experts in data analysis and work to evaluate and build fuel management strategies based on real-time, accurate data. Now, the new Breakthrough®Supply Chain team applies this distortion-combative process to the management of freight and supply chain strategies.

“Breakthrough®Supply Chain not only enhances our capabilities, it also expands our team as Breakthrough®Fuel acquired the team responsible for the Supply Chain Consulting Practice led by Brooks Bentz,” Mueller says.

This group of experienced transportation professionals brings a wealth of new expertise and knowledge to key markets throughout the United States, helping clients understand a clear picture of the industry and their individual supply chains.

Establishing Fairness

Fairness is the direct result of creating transparency and removing distortion. The importance of your carrier relationships cannot be understated. It should also be fair and balanced for both parties.

At Breakthrough®Fuel, we’ve always worked to ensure shippers are reimbursing their carriers using fair market fuel prices. Breakthrough®Supply Chain takes that philosophy one step further by extending fairness and transparency to the entire supply chain, from strategic design to network optimization. The opportunities are endless.

The Continuation of Innovation

“We are industry disruptors. Since day one we have worked to drive change in the transportation industry and bring clients groundbreaking results,” says Mueller. “Breakthrough®Supply Chain brings an innovative and strategic approach to the supply chain and transportation industries, offering the opportunity to change the way shippers do business.”

Breakthrough®Supply Chain and the team behind it are dedicated to improving our clients’ bottom line and enhancing transparency industry wide. To discover how Breakthrough®Supply Chain can drive change within your supply chain, contact Brooks Bentz at The Breakthrough®Supply Chain team is immediately available for projects supporting your strategic freight optimization.

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