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The New “BAF” Program | Accurate & Transparent Marine Fuel Management with Breakthrough

Since our inception in 2004, Breakthrough has been the pioneer in helping shippers accurately manage their transportation energy spend. ...

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How is Breakthrough Fuel Recovery Calculated?

Fuel Recovery is the only shipment specific, market-based diesel fuel reimbursement program in the industry. Using actual fueling station...

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Savings Endure Through a Plummeting Diesel Fuel Price Environment

The transportation and supply chain industries have been keenly aware of the bearish crude oil prices that took a...

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Zero Base Rate | The Basics of Base Rates and Fuel Surcharges

Shippers have the economic responsibility to pay for the fuel that moves their goods to market. Traditionally, shippers reimburse...

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How Better Supply Chain Data Gives Shippers Transparency in Carrier Network Bidding

As a shipper, opening up your transportation network to a new round of carrier bidding can be stressful. The...

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Did You Notice? | The DOE Index Cost You $0.42/Gallon This Week

This week the Department of Energy posted an average diesel fuel price of $3.285 that indicated a 0.003 cent...

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Ask the Experts: What do Shippers Need to Know About Fuel Recovery?

Have Questions? Ask Matt! Hear Matt Balzola, Vice President of Business Development, discuss prospective clients’ most burning questions. Matt...

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DOE Diesel Fuel Price Index Surpasses $3.00

Each week the Department of Energy releases a national average retail price for diesel fuel (DOE Index), which is...

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How Shippers Can Address Transportation Fuel Costs in Their Next Carrier RFP

The transportation RFP practice remains a key cost and service optimization tool for shippers. Reducing freight lane expenses, acquiring...

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