Marine Fuel Management

The complexity of the marine fuel landscape is growing due to ongoing carrier consolidation and the phased implementation of global and local marine fuel sulfur limit regulations leading into 2020. These complexities open the door for additional risk-related surcharges to be built into your BAF programs.

You have the ability to take control of your marine fuel spend. The Breakthrough Marine Fuel Management program allows you to reimburse for fuel based on market realities associated with your movements, allowing you to achieve transparency and eliminate distortion in your ocean freight network. Use a market-based approach with Breakthrough. Marine Fuel Management allows you to:

Reimburse fuel according to relevant port prices and vessel consumption.

Account for journey-specific implications of sulfur limit regulations and reimburse according to time spent in regulated waters.

Effectively separate fuel from freight to uncover your baseline marine fuel consumption and spend to manage price impact in a dynamic and volatile environment.

Use lane appropriate benchmarking data provided by Breakthrough to set your organization up for network optimization and efficiency gains.

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