Capac-ID: Strategic Benchmarking and Capacity Optimization

Capac-ID is a comprehensive productivity platform for shippers that keeps a constant pulse on transportation network performance and identifies areas for cost reduction and efficiency gains. Make your routing guide more agile with real-time, transacted rate benchmarking, lane-specific carrier identification, and actionable recommendations.

Level Up Your Linehaul Rate Benchmarking

Capac-ID is more than just a tool; it's a game-changer:

  • Drive efficiency into your rate benchmarking practices
  • Streamline carrier selection by lane
  • Make informed decisions faster

Learn how Capac-ID can propel your transportation operations forward.

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Benefits of Capac-ID

Easily uncover lane opportunities by equipment, origin, division, carrier, mode, and more.

Quickly identify where you have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Maintain network integrity with strategic, network-specific recommendations.


How Shearer’s Snacks Found New Capacity in a Tight Market

Beyond their successful bid results, Shearer’s transformed how they think about sourcing contract capacity across their network. Rather than being bound to an annual bid cycle, the team has operationalized it to create continuous improvement opportunities.


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Capac-ID offers access to granular network data, enabling accurate benchmarking and recommendations that empower you to identify best-fit carriers and optimize your transportation network strategy.

Bring Action to Your Benchmarking

Drive efficiency into your procurement practices and take a step toward a more informed freight strategy. Contact us to learn more about using Capac-ID to determine accurate linehaul rates and optimal partners for your transportation network.