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by Matt Coopman
Matt Coopman

2 min read

Mitigate Budget Uncertainty With Fuel Recovery

January 12, 2024

Matt Coopman
by Matt Coopman


In the volatile diesel fuel market, shippers are increasingly embracing strategies to navigate uncertainty, especially when it comes to transportation spend. One of the most effective approaches to achieve this is by leveraging Fuel Recovery, the industry-leading transportation fuel reimbursement solution. This market-based, fuel management software ensures fair and accurate reimbursements between shippers and carriers. In fact, shippers such as Whirlpool, Danone, and Save A Lot, are reducing their truckload fuel spend by an average of 20% thanks to this calculation.

Unlock Cost Savings and Greater Transparency with Fuel Management Software

Fuel Recovery ensures that fuel reimbursements align with actual diesel fuel prices along a shipment's route, reflecting the price carriers pay at the pump. Various factors, including time, price, tax, and geography, influence the final diesel fuel price. By adopting this market-based approach instead of outdated surcharge tables, shippers can effectively manage costs and enhance transparency.

However, the benefits of this fuel management software extend beyond cost savings. It also provides visibility into fuel consumption, measures sustainability progress, and uncovers opportunities for continuous improvement.

Take Control of Your Fuel Spend

Are you ready to mitigate budget uncertainty? Download our comprehensive tip sheet to discover how to leverage market-based fuel reimbursements for transportation budget planning and network optimization. Take a step towards a more transparent, cost-effective, and efficient fuel management software today!

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