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Chief Economist, Breakthrough

Matt has a Master’s in Economics and is our internal subject matter expert on international fuel markets. He is able to apply the research, industry data, and understanding of market fundamentals to translate energy industry information to our clients in an actionable manner.


Matt Muenster is Breakthrough's Chief Economist. Muenster's area of influence spans from forecasting both fuel and freight markets to quantifying global risk factors, and connecting macroeconomics with the everyday experiences of shippers. Using research, industry data, and an understanding of market fundamentals, Muenster informs actionable strategies for some of the world’s largest brands.

Matt’s expertise has been utilized in a variety of different publications including Ship & Bunker and American Journal of Transportation. His expertise has also been featured in numerous Bloomberg articles.

Muenster has a Master's in Economics from Bowling Green State, and a Bachelor's of Arts in Communications from St. Norbert College.

Matt is a Subject-Matter Expert in:

Presidential administration and policy impacts on the future of transportation and regulations

Why and how international trade will rebound in the new year

How a pandemic-driven recession could affect the energy market and the supply chain

OPEC meetings and a perspective on possible outcomes in the diesel fuel market and supply chains

Impact of geopolitical tension in key shipping geographies, across maritime trade, and related to crude oil on transportation costs and strategies

And much more

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