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Breakthrough Joins BlockChain in Trucking Alliance

September 21, 2017

Breakthrough, a pioneer in the field of transportation energy management, has joined the BlockChain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA), formed by experienced technology and transportation professionals who will work to build the first set of freight industry blockchain standards.

BiTA’s goal is to establish direction for the development of blockchain in the transportation and trucking industry. The alliance, which is the first of its kind, works to provide the education, clarity and resources necessary to engage new partners in transportation, finance and technology to unlock the efficiency and benefits in blockchain technology.

“We believe that blockchain is the way of the future in the transportation industry, and it is essential to determine the best practices for working with shippers and carriers to establish this network. We look forward to this exciting opportunity”, Craig Dickman, Breakthrough founder, CEO, and Chairman said.

All of the companies in BiTA have the same mission, which is to develop a standard, educate the freight market on blockchain applications and set an example of standardization excellence.

Current BiTA members include:

  • 10-4 Systems

  • Bridgestone

  • Convoy

  • Kleinschmidt

  • McLeod Software

  • Paper Transport, Inc.

  • P&S Transporation

  • Strive Logistics

  • Transrisk

  • Triumph Business Captial

  • TMW Systems

  • U.S. Xpress

In 2016, Breakthrough traveled five billion miles with their clients and annually manages more than 700 million gallons of fuel. Learn more at


Breakthrough is a groundbreaking energy management company, helping shippers around the world achieve transparency and remove distortion from their transportation supply chains. Using patented strategies and expert industry insights to improve supply chain efficiency, Breakthrough cuts energy costs and consumption while reducing emissions. In 2016, Breakthrough helped its clients save more than 6.3 million gallons of fuel and reduced their collective carbon footprint by more than 75 thousand metric tons of CO2. The firm has received the prestigious “Winning Through Innovation” award from Unilever and is a five-time recipient of Procter & Gamble’s “External Business Partner Excellence Award.” Learn more at

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