Meet FELIX: Isn’t it Time There Was a Tool Built for You?

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FELIX is the transportation industry’s only platform designed with shippers in mind. For the first time ever, shippers can source and maintain an effective freight network with absolute confidence that recommendations are unbiased, and partnerships are an optimal fit.

What Makes FELIX different?

FELIX stands for the things that matter most in your network: Freight, Energy, Load, Information, and eXperience. When you look at the landscape of transportation tools, digital brokerages, visibility tracking, and intelligence platforms, FELIX is different in a few key areas:

  • FELIX focuses on contract freight relationships.
  • Carrier matches are completely unbiased, free from inflated brokerage pricing
  • Both shipper and carrier data is used to maximize network efficiencies.

Watch a Demo of the Platform Now:

While the rest of the industry focuses on quick—and usually temporary—fixes, FELIX works to solve the root of capacity disruptions.

What results can shippers expect in the FELIX platform?

Bringing traditional, static transportation management practices into FELIX’s dynamic platform leads to:

  • Stronger Provider Relationships
  • Actionable Sustainability Initiatives
  • Decreased Costs
  • Continuous improvement

FELIX provides shippers with superior alternatives to manage their transportation network. Actionable, data-driven network recommendations evolve shippers’ networks with the market to remain competitive in today’s transportation landscape.

Uncover the possibilities Breakthrough’s strategic transportation platform will bring your network.

Take Control of Your Transportation Network.

Remove distorted transportation practices and reveal data-driven insights with FELIX.

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