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by Lindsay Steves
Lindsay Steves

3 min read

Connect With Breakthrough At CSCMP EDGE

August 22, 2023

Lindsay Steves
by Lindsay Steves


Breakthrough is excited to once again sponsor and present at CSCMP EDGE in Kissimmee, FL from October 1-4, 2023!

This year, we partnered with CSCMP to make EDGE 2023 a sustainable event. As the EDGE 2023 official sustainability partner, we support the various initiatives CSCMP is executing as well as facilitating a BYOB “Bring Your Own Water Bottle” initiative. To participate in the BYOB initiative, bring your reusable water bottle to EDGE! As an incentive, stop at Breakthrough booth #506 with your water bottle to receive carbon credits to offset a portion of your travel to the conference and enter for a chance to win an iPad Pro!

Ways to connect with Breakthrough at EDGE:

  • Stop by booth #506 to learn more about our solutions, and calculate your savings potential.
  • Attend our speaking sessions on Monday at 11 a.m. ET and Tuesday at 10:45 a.m. ET to learn how Ecolab and Bridgestone transformed their transportation networks through a partnership with Breakthrough.
  • Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting onsite with a Breakthrough team member.

Attend Breakthrough’s Speaking Session: How Bridgestone Turned Transportation Data into Actionable Emissions Reduction Initiatives

Tuesday, October 3 at 10:45 a.m. ET

As the focus on more sustainable business practices increases, Bridgestone is an early mover when it comes to transportation emissions reduction. With a 15% improvement goal for logistics scope 3 emissions by 2030, Bridgestone is committed to becoming a sustainable solutions company. In this session, learn how the leading tire manufacturer began its decarbonization journey by mobilizing its transportation data through a partnership with Breakthrough to execute actionable emission reduction initiatives. Bridgestone and Breakthrough will share the challenges and best practices to consider along your transportation sustainability journey.

More About Gary Powell, Bridgestone

Gary Powell, Director of Customer Collaboration & Distribution Network Strategy, leads Bridgestone’s distribution network design and strategy around cost, service, and sustainability while fostering strong relationships with key accounts. With over 25 years of experience in customer service, logistics, supply chain CPG & tire operations, he has a comprehensive understanding of how each department will be impacted in the path to decarbonization and the forethought required to maintain relationships while achieving sustainability goals. Prior to Bridgestone, Gary worked at Colgate-Palmolive in logistics where he successfully executed continuous improvement projects while exceeding strategic goals.

Attend Breakthrough’s Speaking Session: How Ecolab Reduced Costs and Improved Processes with a Strategic Transportation Partner

Monday, October 2 at 11 a.m. ET

Learn how Ecolab implemented industry leading services in transportation fuel management and network optimization that led to reduced costs, proactive compliance management, and streamlined procurement processes. In this session, Ecolab will share best practices and challenges along the journey from a decentralized data organization to a proactive transportation leader.

More About Kellie Quirk, Ecolab

Kellie Quirk, Logistics Procurement Manager at Ecolab, manages $300 million in transportation spend across four different business units. Within the first two years in her position, she reduced transportation spend by 15% across various modes of transportation including truckload, intermodal, and bulk. Kellie constantly seeks opportunities to leverage new technologies and innovative solutions to uncover inefficiencies and implement strategies that drive operational excellence.

We look forward to seeing you in Kissimmee!

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