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by Kathryn Pritzl
Kathryn Pritzl

2 min read

A New Approach To Contract Freight: Conversation With Talking Logistics

February 11, 2021

Kathryn Pritzl
by Kathryn Pritzl


After a turbulent year like 2020, shippers across the board are returning to their strategic plans and asking big questions. What did we learn from an exceptionally disruptive year? How can we use those learnings to build better strategies moving forward? What does the future of procurement look like? 

Hear from Heather Mueller, Chief Operating Officer at Breakthrough, and Adrian Gonzalez from Talking Logistics as they delve into this and more. As they explored these big questions one key underlying principle emerged: the transportation industry needs to rethink the way they do business and design a better way forward.

When asked what the main lesson shippers should take away from the last year, Mueller responded, “said very simply, even the best plans and the most nuanced and advanced approach to planning can’t necessarily predict the future.” She continued, “what that has really taught us is that in our planning we need to really think about how do we both plan for what we expect to happen and have process, data, technology, solutions that allow us to be nimble for when the unexpected happens.”

At Breakthrough, we know that this manifests in shippers’ contract freight strategies and the way they leverage technology to build more resilient capacity relationships. As the conversation continued, Gonzalez agreed and said that transition will rely heavily on the role that technology, data, and insights are playing “in terms of being able to leverage those things to really be able to question the way we do things.”

Both parties provided commentary to support what they imagine the future of the industry looks like, and put eloquently by Gonzalez, “the way forward is questioning the status quo.” Join the conversation in the video above to hear Breakthrough’s perspective on the future of capacity procurement and how shippers should consider a new approach to their contract freight strategy.

Interested in learning more? Read Breakthrough’s guest commentary on Talking Logistics discussing this new approach in more depth, or explore the FELIX platform.

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