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Behind the News with Breakthrough

Kathryn Pritzl


Kathryn Pritzl
March 13, 2018


Behind the News Update

This weekly publication is designed to highlight relevant industry news to provide professionals in the transportation, supply chain, and energy sectors with up-to-date information in a rapidly changing marketplace. This update is purely a compilation of industry news and as such, does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Breakthrough. We do not warrant or guarantee accuracy or completeness of information. For additional information, please contact us at

Every week the Breakthrough Applied Knowledge Team aggregates a series of the industry’s most prominent news stories – so you don’t have to. In today’s news landscape, sifting through the myriad of publications, headlines, commentaries, and opinions has become a calculated science. We strive to provide only the best, most trusted resources to keep readers in the know and on the leading edge of advancements in the transportation and energy industries. View some of our Weekly News Updates here!


The information distributed through Weekly News Updates only comes from accredited institutions and publications who adequately report sources and provide transparent data. As an organization, we also compare findings and claims made against our inherent understanding of market trends and system dynamics of policy. Because of our industry expertise, we can generally identify misreported or overstated claims based on what we know to be happening or expected in the marketplace.


We find it is important to be both focused and complete in our news reporting. Our work with clients typically revolves around pricing trends and economic pressures, but providing a comprehensive picture of their transportation network requires an in-depth knowledge of policy, logistics, and technology. In our Weekly News Update we provide a diverse perspective so that clients and readers have access to reliable resources covering most of the commentary they are interested in.

Topics include but are not limited to ELD mandates, technology advancements, environmental policy, technology regulation, alternative energies, OPEC meetings, geopolitical events, and crude inventory updates.


Every Monday we publish our aggregation of industry news from the previous week so that readers can start their week off in-the-know. We chose our weekly cadences for the convenience of readers—more frequent publications become less time efficient, and less frequent publishing loses value in a rapidly changing industry. We never back post beyond the previous week’s news cycle, however we do connect longstanding stories with the most current iteration available. As policies are updated and advance through the political system, you can navigate backwards through time via in-text links so that you can understand the lifecycle of the stories you are reading.

Breakthrough prides themselves on being your go-to industry expert, but understands that effective partners have access to information that keeps them on the leading edge of their industry. Contact us for more information about our Applied Knowledge services!

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