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The Values That Drive Us | Breakthrough Core Values

Kathryn Pritzl


Kathryn Pritzl
September 12, 2019


When charting a strategic path for your organization, it is critical to possess a clear mission and a set of core guiding values. The mission is your organization’s purpose, the ultimate destination. Core values are your organization’s guiding principles to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. These values provide the vehicle to get to your destination. Often these two items are considered separately.

At Breakthrough, we view core values as both our vehicle and destination. These principles shine through in the work we do and the way we deliver value to our clients. They not only represent the intentions behind our past success but also pave the way for new innovations and services.

Our core values hold deep meaning for our team. While they inform the solutions we provide, they also offer insight into how to effectively inspire, challenge, and elevate your organization. Because of our core values, we are purpose-driven, we move markets, and we deliver value.

Breakthrough’s Core Values

We believe in these six core values, so much so that they permeate through everything we do – from hiring new team members, to extracting meaningful insights from our data, to developing fuel and freight strategies for clients. Clearly defined and intentionally designed, they are useful in every part of the Breakthrough Experience.


    Each client is unique, so their solutions should be too. We listen to and learn from every client to fully understand their individual strategies before we offer solutions. Every client receives attention as if they are our only client. Our clients’ success and ours’ are one and the same.


    Everything we do for our clients, our partners, and our team is focused on creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Our talents, resources, and passions are focused on being a leader and redefining how the transportation industry does business.


    We approach every situation, and client, confident in our collective ability to find the right solutions and deliver value. The constant pursuit of innovation, free from the fear of failure, is our hallmark. With fresh eyes on old problems and processes, we set out to do something that has never been done before.


    Our capabilities and values are strongest when collaboration among market leaders takes place. When you pair powerful data with innovators who are doing remarkable things to create market advantages for the world’s leading shippers, anything is possible.


Our success lies in the talent, creativity, and commitment of our people – some of the brightest in our industry. Our culture frees people to grow, make changes, and reach their full potential. When work needs to be done, everyone on our team pitches in to make it happen. We are in this together. We play to win and share the benefits of victory.


Change is a constant at Breakthrough. We strive to create better solutions, stronger people, greater client value, and new competitive advantages. Your competitive advantage comes from bringing new ideas in and getting old ideas out.

Challenging the status quo

Breakthrough was founded on the idea that the transportation industry could be better. We rejected the status quo from day one. As the adage by Albert Einstein goes, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Our clients understand that they are a part of a movement.

Breakthrough is different. Our core values fuel a spirit of innovation in our work—from calculating costs at the lane-level, to reimaging freight management.

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