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by Jenny Vander Zanden
Jenny Vander Zanden

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Three Reasons To Adopt Private Fleet Fuel Management

February 20, 2018

Jenny Vander Zanden
by Jenny Vander Zanden


Three Reasons to Adopt Private Fleet Fuel Management

Fleet Managers have a myriad of tasks on their plates to keep private fleets up and running efficiently. Safety, driver management, vehicle maintenance, emergencies, fluctuating DOT regulations, and taxes all factor into their day-to-day operations. These tasks require diligent management and are critical to ensure that freight is being delivered accurately and on time.

Because of these logistical necessities, a key component of private fleet management—fuel management—often falls off the list of priorities. Managing driver compliance and fuel card programs is a luxury that can only be addressed once the initial requirements of the day are met. Often there just isn’t enough time or resources to incorporate fuel management for a fleet manager.

But fuel management is an integral and often costly part of doing business in private fleets. When transportation fuel spend makes up 20-30 percent of total transportation budgets, it’s a line item that can’t afford to be ignored. When fleet managers are busy operationalizing the day-to-day, it is important to find an alternative means of managing fuel spend.

What if you could outsource your private fleet fuel management to a team of energy industry experts? Breakthrough private fleet fuel management incorporates the industry’s leading energy management strategies to reduce the cost, consumption, and emissions in supply chains across North America.

Here are three reasons you should consider Breakthrough Private Fleet Fuel Management services:

Elevated Fuel Card Program Reporting

Fuel card reporting is largely standardized and typically comes as a raw data file. Any additional analysis, repackaging, or customization of a fleet’s raw data comes at an excess fee. Making valuable business decisions from fuel card data can become costly for fleets looking to use data to make strategic decisions and analyze cost savings from fuel card discounts. For busy fleet managers, trying to glean value from their fuel card data becomes cumbersome.

With a Breakthrough® private fleet fuel management program, you employ a team of industry experts who know the ins and outs of the diesel fuel market and fuel card landscape. It is most valuable to your organization to find a fuel card that fits your specific geographies and strategic goals. Breakthrough® provides customizable reporting of your raw data, and your Breakthrough® team is available to perform on-demand analyses so that you are always seeing the information your organization needs.

Navigating Fuel Provider Relationships

Without proper industry benchmarking on fuel provider discounts and visibility into fueling station geography, it can be difficult to negotiate pricing confidently. Being backed by data and following industry best practices puts your organization on level footing with fuel providers so you can ensure you are getting the best deal possible.

At Breakthrough, we understand the marketplace and have access to industry data and trends. From these insights we can get a sense of where a fuel provider can level a discount and still make a profit. We understand market components that fuel providers consider when making these agreements, and can help you leverage your volume to secure industry leading fuel card discounts. We aim to help you streamline your base of fuel providers to maximize the value you derive, while covering the largest portion of your network. , and can give you access to the information you need to make savvy private fleet fuel management decisions.

Driver Compliance Analysis

Private fleet managers work hard to find the best discounted fuel prices within their freight network, but compliance with these agreements is yet another hurdle to overcome in mitigating excess fuel spend. Many fuel cards are “wide open”— they can be used anywhere, but only benefit from fuel discounts at select fueling stations. When this is the case, compliance becomes the primary metric used to determine where cost savings initiatives are possible. Without adequate compliance, fuel card discounts become moot.

Breakthrough® private fleet fuel management provides direct visibility into each individual driver’s compliance performance, as well as a list of alternative fueling stations available along specific routes. Fleet managers can use this information to facilitate better practices among drivers, maximizing the value of fuel card discounts and resulting in direct fuel savings to your private fleet’s bottom line.

When fleet managers are maxed out keeping private fleets operational, leave the fuel management to the experts. Contact us for more information about Breakthrough’s industry leading energy management solutions.

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