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Matt Coopman


Matt Coopman
March 22, 2021


What is Breakthrough Fuel Recovery?

See how one of the fastest and most influential programs will drill down into the costs affecting your transportation by looking at the way you calculate fuel costs

How Using a Market-Based Fuel Reimbursement Reduces Transportation Costs

Traditional fuel reimbursement programs that use the DOE index skew the actual costs your organization pays to move goods through the supply chain. A once-weekly, single national price based on a sample of less than 10% of all national fuel stations is not reflective of the actual costs your carriers procure fuel. By shifting to a market-based fuel reimbursement approach, shippers can feel confident their fuel costs are precise and accurate. 

It’s time to move past the averages provided by the DOE Index program. Breakthrough’s Fuel Recovery program delivers transparency into the cost of fuel and helps shippers save millions in transportation costs by eliminating distorted and outdated practices.

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