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by Kathryn Pritzl
Kathryn Pritzl

2 min read

Meet Your Go-To Transportation Market Experts

November 15, 2021

Kathryn Pritzl
by Kathryn Pritzl


Meet the Applied Knowledge team, Breakthrough's team of transportation market analysts and researchers.

Staying Abreast of Market Events and How They Influence Your Supply Chain

In today’s convoluted marketplace, supply chain and transportation networks can be influenced by innumerable factors that transportation teams need to stay ahead of. From global trade to policy decisions and taxes, to extreme weather and the pandemic, there are so many topics to juggle to truly understand how your network is being affected.

But weeding through the copious amounts of data and headlines in the marketplace can be a headache, and much of it may not clearly indicate what shippers need to know about the impacts they’ll see in their daily operations and strategies. Just reading what is happening across the global market is the first step but understanding exactly what it means for you and how you can navigate through it successfully requires much more depth.

Breakthrough’s Transportation Market Experts Report with You in Mind

Breakthrough shippers know this as much as anyone, and that’s why they rely on the Applied Knowledge team of analysts and researchers to help stay on top of the latest trends and economics affecting freight, energy, and sustainability. Our team of subject-matter experts dives deep into the details of industry drivers and translates the nuances of how those events will manifest for shippers at large.

Additionally, they meet with clients one-on-one to get more granular, mapping those market events onto your unique network so you have full transparency and foresight into how your network may change. This makes communication across your organization and leadership more complete, data-based, and proactive.

We weed through the complexities of the market, so that our clients don’t have to, delivering comprehensive coverage and analysis geared specifically to the challenges and goals of transportation practitioners.

Meet the team and explore some of their leadership, thought leadership, and other materials here.

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