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Craig S. Dickman

CEO | Chief Innovation Officer

Craig Dickman founded Breakthrough Fuel and currently serves as its CEO and chief innovation officer.  As an experienced entrepreneur and business executive, he saw the opportunity to transform the way products are moved to market through the innovative management of energy.  These innovations have produced multiple patents and established Breakthrough Fuel as the industry’s leading mobile energy and energy information management company.  Mr. Dickman is currently responsible for the company’s business strategy and leads the innovation and new product development processes for Breakthrough Fuel.

Prior to founding Breakthrough Fuel, he served as President and CEO of Paper Transport, Inc. (PTI) from 2001 through 2006.  Under his leadership, PTI experienced growth in revenue and income in excess of four-hundred percent.  Mr. Dickman achieved this growth through expansion into new markets and the addition of diverse service offerings, while adding strategic new technologies giving PTI the technical and communications capabilities of its larger rivals.   Mr. Dickman received his Bachelor of Science degree in business from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and his Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh.  

An active member of the community, he currently serves as Vice President and Commissioner for the Brown County Harbor Commission, which oversees the Port of Green Bay.  He serves on the University of Wisconsin Green Bay’s Council of Trustees and Foundation Board, the board of Downtown Green Bay, Inc., and serves as President of the Bay Valley Lacrosse Association, which runs the high school lacrosse programs in Northeast Wisconsin.  He was previously Chairman of the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers, Class A professional baseball team and was instrumental in bringing the Milwaukee Brewers affiliation to the team.  Mr. Dickman has also held elected positions with the Green Bay City Council and the Brown County Board of Supervisors.

He is the inventor on two patents for energy management, US Patent 7,729,998 and 8,190,533 and currently has two additional patents pending.



Douglas J. Mueller


Since joining the company as President in 2007, Doug has led all aspects of the Breakthrough®Fuel business including client development, relationship management, solution design, business implementation and transaction management.

His diverse background in the energy management, supply chain and transportation industries has helped Breakthrough®Fuel become the trusted supply chain transportation energy advisor to a number of leading and innovative companies. For 30 years he has held successful leadership roles in supply chain transportation energy management, logistics, transportation management, business transformation, and fleet operations and maintenance.


Mark A. Thomson

Sr. Vice President

A Breakthrough®Fuel co-founder, Mark serves as Sr. Vice President responsible for strategy implementation and business development. Experienced in all facets of supply chain management, his areas of specialty include strategic logistics, collaborative management and forecasting and manufacturing planning.

A key area of his focus at Breakthrough®Fuel includes management of the company’s physical Fuel Recovery Program, working with shippers and carriers to bring greater transparency and fairness to their fuel pricing methodology.



Ryan Decker

Director, Business Technology

Ryan leads Breakthrough®Fuel’s information technology division and the company’s growing technology team that supports client and internal business needs. He directs his team to provide clients with solutions that are as unique as they are, often resulting in an evolving technology work plan that requires a collaborative customer relationship and ongoing communication for successful execution. Ryan manages the technology side of this process, providing guidance and assistance in identifying key opportunities to reinforce Breakthrough®Fuel’s belief in a ”one-size-fits-one” customer solution.

His leadership areas include the management of Breakthrough®Fuel’s technology applications and services, infrastructure development and support resources, business continuity planning, and a number of client services including guidance during implementation, data security and management, electronic communications, and business intelligence and reporting.

He enjoys reading, home improvement projects, tinkering with iPhone apps and he is always excited when the golfing season begins.


Bill Lee

Vice President

Bill serves as Vice President at Breakthrough®Fuel. He brings over 34 years of experience in business strategy, supply chain management and finance to the organization.

A key area of his focus is helping clients understand and identify the potential for improved business results that can be obtained working with Breakthrough®Fuel. Bill guides customers through the company’s rigorous strategic planning process and challenges their conventional wisdom about managing fuel costs. Working with the Breakthrough®Fuel leadership team, he helps develop a customized Fuel Management Strategy applying the company’s innovative technology, services and solutions.

Jennifer Brice


Vice President, Client Services

Two of Breakthrough Fuel's core principles are especially impactful for Jennifer: "figure it out" and "a client of one." These principles have been a hallmark of Jennifer's tenure at Breakthrough Fuel and a reason why she has been successfully helping clients, as well as the company, succeed. Starting with the firm in 2005, she has held a variety of roles ranging from analyst, to solution design manager to director of analytical services. Now, as Vice President of Client Services, she is responsible for leading the team that supports Breakthrough's clients and manages projects that help advance clients' business needs. In addition, Jennifer serves on the company's strategic leadership team.

Jennifer's bachelor's degree in math and business is from St. Norbert College and she is currently working on her MBA. A former professional water-skier, she still skis almost daily during the summer months and performs with a local ski group.