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by data.

Research shows fuel and freight make up 63 percent of logistics costs. Don’t be at the mercy of the market, reacting to changes in fuel prices and freight capacity. Instead, take control of this large spend and proactively manage cost and effectiveness with continuous improvement initiatives.

The key to a more sophisticated supply chain strategy can be found in your transportation data. But first, you need the right partner to help you uncover opportunities by bringing transparency and accuracy into the equation.

The Current Process is Broken

Most shippers and carriers will tell you that the annual full network RFP is an inefficient system to establish rates and capacity requirements. This common practice often takes months of preparation, involving distorted data and the painstaking process of soliciting rates from imperfect carrier sets.

After all that work, a shipper’s initial transportation strategy can quickly fall apart. Market dynamics shift, needs evolve, and carriers’ networks change. All this adds cost and inefficiency to the supply chain.

Market Dynamics Shift
Carriers' Networks Change

A Holistic Approach to
Transportation Strategy & Management

Stop going through the motions of a typical sourcing event. Take control of your network through a partnership with Breakthrough. You will experience three phases of engagement intentionally designed to cultivate a sophisticated and sustainable transportation strategy. It starts with a strategic roadmap that informs your sourcing event executed by Breakthrough, resulting in increased compliance, a reduction in overall spend, and reduced cost-to-serve.


Your new supply chain strategy will be data driven. Your transportation data is combined with Breakthrough’s vast network of real-time data from both shippers and more than 4,000 carriers, illustrating benchmarks and current network behaviors. This identifies opportunities and creates an unbiased plan that is customized for your organization.


Once your strategic roadmap is established, we’ll work together to tailor your organization’s approach to sourcing truckload and intermodal capacity, ensuring network efficiency as the right carriers are matched to the right lanes. Breakthrough experts will execute your sourcing event using the most accurate and robust dataset in the industry to proactively balance supply and demand.


Unlike traditional consulting engagements, we won’t abandon you when the sourcing event is over. The Breakthrough team will monitor carrier performance and compliance, addressing network variations as they occur, adjusting to shifts in the market, and driving cost and inefficiency out of your supply chain. With Breakthrough, your strategy stays intact and improves over time.

Leveraging Data and
Technology to Manage Fuel and
Freight in the Supply Chain

Our approach brings visibility to both fuel and freight expenditures in your supply chain. Fuel is a volatile cost, and only Breakthrough can bring the transparency needed to remove distortion while reducing cost, consumption, and emissions through our Fuel Recovery program

Breakthrough manages more than 16 million shipments annually through the Fuel Recovery system, providing us with unmatched visibility into the North American freight network. This gives your organization a competitive advantage over shippers who rely on outdated and static datasets to inform strategies.

As the Breakthrough team helps you navigate changes in the market, you’ll receive regular guidance on opportunities including network sizing and modal conversion as well as ongoing compliance and network performance. You’ll have dedicated resources providing actionable insights that lead to advantageous methods of moving your goods to market. Get the strategy you need and the attention you deserve from transportation experts you trust.

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