Move From a Static World to a Dynamic World

Using a clean and robust dataset, Breakthrough Supply Chain provides an unbiased, holistic transportation lifecycle management solution for shippers with a direct focus on their data, strategy, execution, and compliance. Backed by our market expertise, we help shippers find a dynamic equilibrium on their specific lanes to secure capacity when and where it is needed. With a focus on ongoing compliance management, shippers benefit from rapid response to dynamic network fluctuations and actionable, in-the-moment routing guide amendment recommendations.

The benefits of a Breakthrough Supply Chain engagement are clear:

Informed strategy

Fuel your procurement strategy with Breakthrough network visualizations, custom carrier matching, and transportation blueprints – all supported by our vast transportation dataset.

Strategic & tactical support services

Your dedicated Breakthrough resource will be an extension of your team, helping you to build, execute, and validate your procurement strategies with data and market expertise.

Continuous compliance management

With the support of your dedicated resource and our proprietary technology, we’ll keep you informed of your network’s ongoing performance and recommend changes when necessary to ensure your strategy is being executed as planned.

Prescribed, data-driven dialogue

Enter carrier conversations and negotiations armed with Breakthrough data that will enable productive, fact-based dialogue.

Sign up for the Breakthrough Advisor Brief and additional market insights.

Sign up for the Breakthrough Advisor Brief and additional market insights.