Transportation Network Management

The key to a successful transportation network hinges on market-responsive freight strategies. Breakthrough Network Intelligence supports shippers in their network optimization journey with a partnership focused on discovering opportunities in your network and creating a plan for action.

Your Strategic Transportation Partner

Inclusive of our rate benchmarking, carrier search, and strategic recommendations capabilities within the FELIX platform, Network Intelligence also provides ongoing, strategic support and collaboration to bring a streamlined and efficient approach to managing your transportation network.

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Streamline transportation operations with automated analysis and support from the Breakthrough team

Set and maintain expectations around price, performance, and commitments for each of your carrier partners

Proactively manage carrier performance using actionable scorecards with real-time data

Take action with confidence based on data-driven recommendations

Increase Your Team’s Productivity

With Network Intelligence, shippers can easily identify opportunities instead of spending time on data analysis – giving you the edge you need to succeed. Network Intelligence:

  • Monitors your network performance
  • Addresses deviations from plan as they arise
  • Uses an ecosystem of transportation data to recommend action

This proactive approach keeps your operations on track, minimizes spot market reliance, and makes you more resilient to market disruptions.


Lineage Logistics Builds Resilience to Market Disruption with Network Intelligence

Lineage Logistics deployed Network Intelligence after the COVID-19 pandemic shook up the transportation sector. The program allows them to maintain their competitive edge in the market.

Network Intelligence makes uncovering transportation network opportunities easy. Request a demo to see for yourself.