Transportation Network Management

The key to a successful transportation network lies in how you measure and adapt your freight strategy with the market. Breakthrough Network Intelligence optimizes transportation networks by uncovering inefficiencies, serving strategic recommendations for improvement, and providing rate and partnership guidance.

Designing Dynamic Shipper Freight Networks

Brought to life in the FELIX platform, Network Intelligence monitors your network performance, addresses deviations from plan as they arise, and uses an ecosystem of transportation data to recommend corrective action that keeps your freight moving soundly. This brings agility to contract freight procurement and monitoring, which minimizes spot market reliance and makes shippers more resilient to market disruptions.

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Monitor your network performance to uncover strategic opportunities

Receive recommendations for immediate action within your network

Manage carrier and lane compliance and financial performance to plan

Set and maintain expectations around price, performance, and commitments for each contract in your network

The Value of Agile Contract Freight Procurement

Network Intelligence provides shippers access to smarter solutions, more comprehensive data, and strategies that are responsive to market events.


Eliminate unnecessary spot market and brokerage use, lost time, and resources spent on the annual RFP in favor of fair-market, reliable, contracted capacity.


Quickly identify where carrier service levels do not align with your strategic priorities and renegotiate or recontract accordingly.


Set and maintain clear expectations around price, service, performance, and volume commitments for each contract in your network.

Explore the FELIX Platform

Explore Network Intelligence and Breakthrough's other strategic solutions in FELIX.

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Network Intelligence makes uncovering transportation network opportunities easy. Request a demo to see for yourself.