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by Kathryn Pritzl
Kathryn Pritzl

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We Are Breakthrough | Growing Our Brand In An Ever-Changing Marketplace

October 18, 2018

Kathryn Pritzl
by Kathryn Pritzl


What’s In a Name?

The word “Breakthrough” has been core to who we are since the company was founded in 2004. The term Breakthrough not only represents what we create in the market, but it also symbolizes our team, how we act, and the client experience we strive to create. Breakthrough signals our relentless focus on purposeful innovation to deliver value to our clients, our industry, our community, and our team members. We work hard every day to do things better than “the way they used to be done.” We question the status quo and we find new, different, and better ways of approaching supply chain challenges.

Breakthrough Fuel was of course founded with a laser focus on reducing cost, consumption, and emissions related to fuel in our clients’ supply chains. We leveraged three core principles of removing distortion, achieving transparency, and establishing fairness in the way fuel expenses were reimbursed. We started this company with a mission to bring these three principles to the relationship among shippers, carriers, and fuel, becoming a trusted advisor to our clients in this niche. Pushing our capabilities and subject matter expertise beyond the transactional nature of fuel reimbursements, we dove into the unique market dynamics of the energy landscape at large. Around every corner, we found new insights that were relevant and valuable for our clients.

Expanding our Name, Our Capabilities, & Our Horizons

As our data, insights, team, and the industry continued to evolve, we recognized the need and our ability to think bigger, driving bigger results and creating an even more meaningful impact in the marketplace. Because of the foundation that Breakthrough’s Fuel Recovery services created, our company is uniquely positioned in the industry with arguably one of the largest, most complete, and most accurate data sets of lane-level shipments today. With this, we find ourselves with the opportunity to delve deeply into our clients’ end to end transportation networks and make data-based recommendations that bring efficiencies, innovation, and increased levels of service in many facets of shippers’ businesses. Of course, we remain firmly rooted in removing distortion, achieving transparency, and establishing fairness as we move from fuel into supply chain solutions.

For that reason, we are energized and excited by a future with one Breakthrough team and a single Breakthrough brand. Fuel will always be a core service offering of Breakthrough, and from there we are excited to continue to expand our Breakthrough value to lifecycle freight management and beyond.

Breakthrough and all of its service offerings—including fuel management, supply chain solutions, market advisor, and fuel budget certainty—provide the opportunity to elevate shippers of every size, giving them an unprecedented competitive advantage.

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