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The transportation and supply chain industries are operating in a time when unprecedented volumes of data and information are accessible to an expanding number of stakeholders. No longer precluded by cost, technology, or leadership buy-in – access to data is readily available and necessary for creating successful long-term strategies. From the most tenured corporations to the newest start-ups, data can serve as a competitive advantage when addressing challenges in the marketplace.


Technology has empowered companies to track and monitor the location, timing, details, and value of their assets in real-time. While this “real-time tracking” has captured headlines, the inherent value of this data lies in the planning, forecasting, analysis, and ongoing management opportunities it provides. With strategies to process this data, companies can better plan and make adjustments in real-time to better serve their customers.

With powerful data and information at their fingertips, there are innumerable opportunities for companies to continue uncovering new, valuable solutions for their network. Additional access to data has allowed shippers to better strategize, but many seek data solutions that provide a broader view of the marketplace. If a company could understand how other like-size shippers or similar companies within their industries are operating on a regional, national, or even global level, how much stronger would their strategies be?

At Breakthrough’s annual Mercury Group event, we uncover valuable insights that not only inform, but help to transform clients transportation strategies. Using the data from our 45,000+ shipments a day, our robust database guides shipper strategy and provides deeper visibility into their networks. Do my network patterns contribute to a balanced market?  If I altered shipments at this facility, does my volume become more valuable for carriers? Can I optimize my lanes to create backhauls or tours to make my carriers more efficient and bring down their operating costs and ultimately my freight costs?

Breakthrough empowers shippers at the Mercury Group to answer these questions with a broader view of the marketplace. Data can be a valuable asset to a shipper, but as with any asset, it’s only valuable if it can be leveraged to create a competitive advantage. Join us as we continue discussing ways to unlock additional value from data and create broader market strategies.

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