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by Ankit Patel

3 min read

Revolutionize Your Europe Fuel Management Transportation Strategy

March 4, 2024

by Ankit Patel


The European transportation sector is on the brink of transformation, where proper fuel management is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. For too long, shippers have been tied to the outdated model of an all-in transport cost that bundled fuel and freight together, disregarding ever-changing fuel prices and differing levels of fuel efficiency. This antiquated calculation lacked transparency and fairness.

Through years of research and development, our team has developed Europe Fuel Recovery: a market-based fuel reimbursement calculation that separates fuel and freight costs. This not only leads to significant cost savings but also helps best-in-class shippers understand their actual energy consumption to accurately report their transportation lifecycle emissions and set efficiency requirements with carriers, resulting in greater cost savings and lower emissions reductions.

Transform Fuel Management for Transparency and Cost Savings

Our innovative Europe fuel management solution transforms the conventional lump sum approach, paving the way for precision, transparency, and cost savings. With this calculation, fuel reimbursements consider the price, tax, time, equipment type, and fuel efficiency of each transport movement. This level of detail ensures that every movement is reimbursed according to the actual market conditions — creating mutually beneficial shipper and transport partner relationships.

By separating fuel costs from freight costs, best-in-class shippers also receive a detailed view of their spending. This uncovers continuous improvement opportunities to increase fuel efficiency closer to what transport partners drive, move to a zero-base strategy, or explore the cost comparison of truckload to rail.


Enable Sustainable Transportation Through Precise Fuel Management

Perhaps even more significant than cost savings, Europe Fuel Recovery helps leading shippers establish a scope 1 & 3 transportation emissions baseline for your programme strategy. With more accurate emissions data, leading shippers can better understand their carbon footprint, set emission reduction targets, and take meaningful steps toward becoming sustainable. However, shippers often require external support to identify actionable opportunities within their transportation networks and effectively implement them.

With CleanMile, our transportation emissions management platform, shippers bring together transportation energy management and network strategy to meet science-based targets without sacrificing efficiency. By combining Europe Fuel Recovery with CleanMile, we provide the necessary foundation for sustainable transportation.

Empower Your Europe Fuel Management Strategy with Fuel Recovery

Europe Fuel Recovery marks the dawn of a new era in the transportation sector, revolutionizing the way fuel costs are managed to bring precision, transparency, and savings. By aligning fuel reimbursements with actual market conditions and enabling detailed insights into energy consumption, we empower best-in-class shippers to not only achieve significant cost efficiencies but to also stride confidently towards sustainability goals. This innovative approach underscores our commitment to not just lead but transform the industry, setting a new standard of excellence and accountability. Discover how Fuel Recovery can redefine your Europe fuel management strategy and contribute to a sustainable future by reaching out to us for more information.

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