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by Kathryn Pritzl
Kathryn Pritzl

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Innovations That Work: Driving Change In The Transportation Industry

March 17, 2021

Kathryn Pritzl
by Kathryn Pritzl


Innovation has been core to everything the Breakthrough team has built for the last 17 years. What started as one, provocative question about the mechanism shippers use to reimburse their carriers for fuel has paved the way for continued solutions development and an increasingly wider scope of impact. Fueled by pure data, intuitive technology, and an unbiased view of the industry, Breakthrough has now become a leader in designing and maintaining efficient freight ecosystems for some of the world’s most recognizable and complex supply chains.

And although the Breakthrough team and our clients are accustomed to the innovative mindset that drives all we do, our organization was recognized as a leading data and technology company in the logistics industry by Fast Company’s 2021 Most Innovative Companies list.

Innovations That Work: Driving Change In The Transportation Industry

Using a Spirit of Innovation to Make Change Real

Breakthrough has always had three unwavering commitments: to remove distortion, achieve transparency, and establish fairness in the transportation industry. We relentlessly challenge ourselves to uphold these principles as we advance our clients’ logistics strategies, and this is what culminated in our latest innovations: Network Intelligence and the launch of our FELIX platform.

We are proud of the progress made on the development of our technology and know that the sky is the limit for new build-outs and use cases for our data. But what 2020 has demonstrated time and again is that the work we are doing stretches far beyond operational strategies. What is coming to light more each day is that Breakthrough is positioned to drive deep and systemic change in our industry.

When Fast Company asked us how our newest innovations are addressing larger societal issues, the scope of our impact became much clearer.

We Are Creating Space for Innovation

When our clients spend most of their day fixing age-old problems, they miss out on opportunities in other high-impact areas of their organization. This precludes an entire industry from focusing its energy on innovating ways to better serve their customers and society because they are stuck in today’s challenges.

At Breakthrough, we know that when you elevate the playing field, everyone begins to perform at a higher caliber. Rather than starting over with every new idea or advancement, Breakthrough shippers _trust us _to collaborate and rapidly innovate. They know they have a trusted partner they can rely on to think bigger so that together we push the boundaries of our industry.

Changing Industry Narratives

Our innovation process manifests organically in ways no other organization is doing in the industry today. In a landscape dominated heavily by venture capital-funded startups that build software, buy data, and use it to attract customers, Breakthrough has long defied that status quo.

Breakthrough was built on conversations and ideation that cultivated strong relationships with our clients. Trust came first and continues to be the foundation of our business. Breakthrough uses this spirit to foster dialogues among competitors and peers that push our solutions to new heights.

This dynamic allows us to approach problems entrenched in the culture of transportation, identify pain points, leverage data to find better solutions, and enable our clients to do business a better way.

Preparing for an Unseen Future

Since 2004, we have prided ourselves on the operational excellence and data integrity of our transportation fuel management solutions. In 2020, however, we put that foundation to work in our Network Intelligence offering and the FELIX platform.

Breakthrough built itself to adapt to an unseen future. We could not have predicted the inception of Network Intelligence at our founding, and we cannot predict the problems this powerful dataset will solve in the future. What we do know, is that the core principles that underlie every aspect of our business are timeless and they will continue to push us to drive change in the industry.

Trusted Innovations That Work

All of the data, talent, and technology in the world cannot incite change in an unwilling industry. But Breakthrough clients are some of the brightest thought leaders in transportation and supply chain. They can see possibility in its infancy and are willing to push us to elevate our solutions at every turn. Without the longstanding trust to do right by our clients and to think big, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Being named one of Fast Company’s 2021 Most Innovative Logistics Companies is an honor that we do not take lightly. We don’t only acknowledge innovation; we live it out every day. We are proud to be not only recognized as an innovator but trusted by our clients to continue to provide them with innovations that work.

For more information about the award, read our press release here.

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