An Agile Supply Chain May Begin with Fuel Management


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In today’s supply chains, industry professionals see agility as the core value of modern networks. We have collectively amassed enough data and technology to move from the trenches of yesterday’s trends at the mercy of historical data and into a realm of operating in real-time, adapting to instant changes, and even going so far as predicting the future.

The transportation and supply chain industries are no different— these industries have undergone substantial change and stand to continue doing so indefinitely. Yet while the industry’s fads and phases usher in and out of organizations’ strategic scope, one thing remains the same: we are moving ever forward toward continued success and progress.

The agile supply chain is here to stay—and with this in mind it is imperative for the industry to adopt solutions that make every aspect of their supply chain more data-driven, market sensitive, and digitally transformative.

At Breakthrough, our solutions are engineered to do exactly that. Our Fuel Recovery solution brings near-real-time, fair, and accurate fuel reimbursements to your network which opens the door for custom, data-driven optimization throughout your supply chain, regardless of mode. While there are many avenues for ushering agile practices into your network, we believe that Fuel Recovery is one of the most proven and easy-to-implement options to jumpstart your path to an agile supply chain.

Three Elements of an Agile Fuel Management Strategy


From integrating your system with our solutions, to designing a custom roadmap, Breakthrough services are highly flexible. You have the ability to determine the means in which we share data and the frequency you’d like to receive it.

Because Fuel Recovery uses actual origin and destination data, the price you pay for fuel is always reflective of your ever growing and changing network. Our program takes into account price, tax, time, and geography so that you are accurately reimbursing your carriers for their fuel costs.


We have an entire team dedicated to monitoring the fuel and freight markets so that our clients can proactively plan for changes in the marketplace. Geopolitical events, regulatory changes, and GDP fluctuations affect supply and demand balances, driving volatility into fuel prices. Fuel Recovery enables you to respond to these fluctuations in a data-driven way. Unlike the DOE Diesel Fuel Price Index weekly update, Fuel Recovery accounts for even the smallest of daily fluctuations by geography, so you never overpay (or underpay) for the fuel used to move your goods to market. With Fuel Recovery, fuel becomes a pass-through expense so you can focus on service requirements in your carrier relationships.


With the inception of flexible means of analyzing, tracking, and measuring your supply chain operations comes the question of whether you have introduced too much variable risk. As your organization continually drills deeper into your network’s data, you introduce new, insightful complexity into your operations. When, if ever, do these new considerations and insights become cumbersome to the efficiency of your daily operations? Is there ever “too much of a good thing” when it comes to data? Underlying your ever-evolving supply chain strategy must remain one true characteristic: competence.

We believe that effective transportation strategies are accurate, and comprehensive. They are proven, and they withstand the test of time and circumstantial anomaly—anything from economic collapses, to catastrophic weather events, or radical policy changes. Breakthrough clients will tell you that despite dynamically changing industry standards and volatile market disruptions, Fuel Recovery remains constant by removing distortion and bringing accuracy and fairness to their carrier relationships as it pertains to fuel. As your Breakthrough strategies evolve and grow, our data capabilities become more insightful and ever-more rich with optimized initiatives specific to each and every one of our clients’ networks. Regardless of circumstance, at the end of the day your transportation strategy will benefit from more accurate and transparent fuel management strategies and the simplicity that our complex database enables.

It Starts with a Commitment to Transparency

To remain at the forefront of any industry, taking a pulse of current best practices and future-state goals is imperative. Moving into 2019, agility is the name of the game, and ushering in intelligent solutions to every aspect of your supply chain is in your organization’s best interest. Fuel strategy is an often-overlooked aspect of transportation fuel spends but when managed properly with Breakthrough, opens a myriad of ongoing opportunity to elevate your entire supply chain.

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