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Chief Operating Officer

Jenny Vander Zanden - Fuel

Chief Operating Officer, Breakthrough

Jenny Vander Zanden helps identify the strategic roadmap for Breakthrough clients by looking for ways to reduce fuel-related costs, consumption, and emissions in their supply chains. Jenny and her team uncover data to drive continuous improvement initiatives, giving shippers a competitive advantage and advancing the practice of transportation management.


Jenny Vander Zanden is Breakthrough’s Chief Operating Officer. Throughout her accomplished career at Breakthrough, she has grown from Intern to COO because of her commitment to delivering distinguished value and service to our clients by expanding our services to accommodate an evolving transportation environment. Her passion for mathematics, quantitative measures, and analytics is highly pervasive in the ethos she fosters across our client-facing teams, advocating for every hundredth of a decimal point on every shipment to create better transparency and accuracy for our clients.

Jenny has over 15 years of experience strategically advising shippers in the transportation industry. She has been recognized for her leadership and accomplishments, as the recipient of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know award in 2016, and her thought leadership has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, MarketWatch, and Barron’s.

Vander Zanden earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and Mathematics from St. Norbert College and later went on to achieve a Master of Business Administration degree from University of Wisconsin—Oshkosh.

Jenny is a Subject-Matter Expert in:

How to effectively measure scope 3 emissions

Transportation fuel and budgetary planning for 2021

Navigating transportation budgets, particularly fuel costs

How a diversified transportation portfolio can help amid uncertainty

And more

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