Breakthrough Names Doug Mueller as CEO

January 23, 2018

Breakthrough, a pioneer in the field of transportation energy and information management, is excited to announce Doug Mueller, who currently serves as the organization’s president, as the new CEO. Mueller began the transition to the new position this month. Since joining Breakthrough in 2007, Mueller has advanced all aspects of the organization’s business through his diverse background in the energy management, supply chain, and transportation industries. A trusted leader to both employees and clients, Mueller continues to drive major growth and service expansions throughout Breakthrough.

“I am honored to take on the role of CEO at an organization that always strives to be on the forefront of innovation,” Mueller said. “I hope to lead both Breakthrough and the transportation industry forward, producing meaningful and impactful results for our clients.”

Craig Dickman, outgoing Breakthrough CEO, will remain a vital part of the organization as he takes on the role of chairman of the board of directors. Additionally, Dickman will start a new venture, Stage Three, focusing on start-ups and innovation within the supply chain industry. Dickman and Mueller plan to partner on future opportunities to develop new, cutting-edge solutions for Breakthrough.

“As part of Breakthough’s strategic plan, we look to succession planning as a way to establish long-term organizational success and independence,” Dickman said. “I can’t say how much I’ve enjoyed founding and leading the growth of Breakthrough over the past 14 years. There isn’t a better fit for the CEO position than Doug, who brings both a wealth of knowledge and experience, as well as a passion for the industry.”

Mueller will complete the transition to CEO by the end of first quarter 2018 and continue to serve as president of Breakthrough.


Breakthrough is a groundbreaking energy management company, helping shippers around the world achieve transparency and remove distortion from their transportation supply chains. Using patented strategies and expert industry insights to improve supply chain efficiency, Breakthrough cuts energy costs and consumption while reducing emissions. In 2016, Breakthrough helped its clients save more than 6.3 million gallons of fuel and reduced their collective carbon footprint by more than 75 thousand metric tons of CO2. The firm has received the prestigious “Winning Through Innovation” award from Unilever and is a five-time recipient of Procter & Gamble’s “External Business Partner Excellence Award.” Learn more at

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