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Breakthrough Facilitates Capacity Sharing Opportunities

April 28, 2020

Breakthrough, a pioneer in the field of transportation energy and information management, is using its data to facilitate capacity sharing opportunities among shippers whose supply chains have been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. A Breakthrough client initially led the charge, reaching out to Breakthrough with available dedicated and private fleet capacity it wanted to offer to shippers whose products are essential to consumers amid the pandemic.

“Our clients recognize the power of collaboration and creating more symbiotic networks, so in times of crisis they knew to turn to the broader Breakthrough shipper community,” said Heather Mueller, Breakthrough COO. “When our client wanted to share its excess capacity with others for the greater good, we quickly realized we could help facilitate these partnerships for other shippers as well.”

For clients who express either a desire to help or a need for capacity, Breakthrough is utilizing its broad set of North American transportation data to connect shippers based on network flows and freight characteristics. Facilitating partnerships between shippers with underutilized private fleets or excess dedicated fleet capacity and shippers in need allows products in high demand to get to consumers faster, while keeping drivers of private and dedicated fleets employed during this time of uncertainty.

“As this crisis spreads across the country, we’ve all looked at our businesses to see what we can do to make a difference, and our clients, in a typically highly-competitive industry, have done just that,” Mueller said. “Breakthrough saw this as an opportunity to coordinate support and provide relief to shippers who need it.”

Breakthrough is offering this capacity sharing opportunity to its clients, but they also recognize there is a greater need in the industry. Any shipper with excess capacity or in need of additional capacity is welcome to participate in this capacity sharing opportunity with Breakthrough.


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