Navigating the marine fuel landscape is no easy task, especially as new challenges continue to shape the larger maritime industry. Current BAF programs are inconsistent, do not reflect the realities of moving ocean freight, and are not designed to effectively navigate this evolving marketplace.

Shippers can combat the distorted practices of marine fuel reimbursements with Breakthrough Marine Fuel Recovery. Our market based approach considers fact based consumption parameters, geography of freight movements, and regulation driven price impacts to ensure you have the proper visibility into your ocean transportation network and the associated marine fuel spend.



lack of transparency

Shippers cannot actively manage their fuel spend when reimbursing carriers according to varying BAF programs. Each provider offers different pricing mechanisms with little explanation of cost build-up, leading to an inherently distorted strategy that doesn’t account for market realities.


program inconsistency

BAF amounts can vary drastically across carriers despite similar movement characteristics. Common BAF programs lack explanation of how cost drivers like consumption, geography, and regulations play into pricing.


dynamic regulatory changes

Changing regulations elicit drastically different industry responses, triggering inconsistency in the prices you pay to move your goods to market.

take control of
your fuel spend.

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