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Unlock Better Benchmarking for Your Network

Kathryn Pritzl


Kathryn Pritzl
November 9, 2021


Level Up Your Linehaul Rate Benchmarking

It’s time to drive efficiency into your rate benchmarking practices and take a step toward a more informed freight strategy. Breakthrough’s Capac-ID solution provides linehaul rate benchmarking that reflects the dynamics of an evolving freight market. Using a robust dataset of real-time contract rates and partnership-specific parameters, Capac-ID allows shippers to:

  • Quickly identify where you are incurring cost above your peers, and where you’ve secured favorable rates.

  • Easily uncover lane opportunities by equipment, origin, division, carrier, mode, and more.

  • Initiate partnerships with carriers identified as an optimal fit and using market-based pricing.

Capac-ID is unlike the traditional linehaul rate benchmarking you've seen in the industry. See how upgrading your transportation team's benchmarking data and practices can transform how you plan and measure your network.